The Price of the iPhone X in Nigeria in 2022


The Price of the iPhone X in Nigeria

The iPhone X was released in 2017 with many innovative features and design elements. 


The iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone to date, with a starting price of $999 (Rs. 76,900). 


Let’s take a look at how much this smartphone will cost in Nigeria by 2022 when its contract expires or you can buy it outright from Apple. 



If the price drops significantly by 2022, which phone do you think will be better value for money? The iPhone X or the OnePlus 6? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below!


About the price of iPhone x in Nigeria 2022

The price of the iPhone X in Nigeria is expected to be about N100,000 in 2022. This is because the cost of living in Nigeria is expected to rise and the value of the Nigerian currency is expected to fall. 


The price of the iPhone X in Nigeria could also be affected by inflation and other economic factors. 


These factors could increase or decrease the price of the iphone x in Nigeria in 2022, for example, if there is a significant rise in the cost of living in Nigeria while at the same time there are decreases in other expenses such as utility bills then this would have a positive effect on disposable income which will affect the price of iPhone x in Nigeria 2022. 


Conversely, if wages do not keep up with the rising cost of living then this would result in negative effects on disposable income which will affect the price of iPhone x in Nigeria in 2022. 


Another factor that may influence the price of iPhone x in Nigeria 2022 is the exchange rate, for example, if Nigerian currencies like the naira appreciate significantly then this will impact the current price of iPhone x in Nigeria 2022. 


However, even though inflation can play a part, it cannot be relied upon to provide accurate forecasts due to volatility within prices over time; therefore you should use market analysis techniques like SWOT analysis or PESTEL analysis when forecasting prices. 


Apple products in Nigeria, such as iPhones and iPads, tend to be more expensive than the equivalent products outside of Nigeria so the iphone x in Nigeria 2022 would most likely follow suit, for example, the price of an iPhone 8 Plus 128GB variant outside of Nigeria is $849 but inside Nigeria, it’s $1300 (Rs 572214). 



A similar pattern applies to an iPad Pro 12.9-inch 256GB variant – its price outside of Nigeria is $1,439 but inside Nigeria, it’s $3,200 (Rs 1460071). 


Therefore we can expect the iPhone x in Nigeria 2022 to follow suit – meaning that if this trend continues then the pricing forecasted above is reasonable.

How much will you pay for an iPhone X?

In Nigeria, the price of the iPhone X will be about N120,000. This is based on the current exchange rate and the cost of living in Nigeria. 


The price may change depending on the state of the economy and inflation. However, this is a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay for an iPhone X in Nigeria in 2022. 


Other countries have different pricing structures. If you want to know the exact price of an iPhone X in your country at any given time, simply Google iPhone X, for example, if you are looking for the iPhone X price in Ireland today, type iPhone x Ireland. You should see something like this iPhone X Price in Ireland Today: €1,299. That’s what you’ll need to spend for an iPhone X in Ireland.


If you’re wondering how much it costs to buy a new phone, there’s also a site that has just been launched that lists the prices of all available models by Apple. 


It’s called Apple Prices Worldwide. So if you’re outside the US and wondering how much it costs to buy an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB or 128GB or 16GB model in your currency, go take a look at their site now.

Keeping your data safe

In a world where data breaches are becoming more and more common, it’s important to take steps to keep your data safe. 


Here are five tips for protecting your personal information 


  • Make sure you don’t use the same password for multiple accounts; this way if one site is hacked, they won’t have access to all of your accounts. 


  • Don’t give out sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) unless you’re on a secure page that has an HTTP:// URL (you can check by looking at the website address). 


  • Only open attachments from people you know; never click on links in emails or text messages from people you don’t know. 


  • Keep anti-virus software up to date; always run scans when using public WiFi connections. 


  • Turn off location services when not needed.

Other hidden costs

In addition to the cost of the phone itself, there are other hidden costs to consider when purchasing an iPhone. 


For example, you’ll need to pay for a data plan with your carrier to use the internet on your phone. 


You may also want to purchase a case and screen protector to keep your phone looking new. And don’t forget about apps, many popular apps cost money to download and use. 

See Also;


When budgeting for your new iPhone, be sure to account for all of these additional costs. 


If you’re buying your first iPhone, it’s important to set aside at least $1,000 for everything. 


If this is too much for you right now, try saving up for it over time. 


With some patience and careful planning, it will eventually be yours. However, if you are unwilling or unable to wait, I recommend that you start shopping around for pre-owned iPhones before committing to a purchase from Apple. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that any given used phone has been well taken care of. 


Do not buy one unless you have inspected it personally and had the seller show you proof of its recent repairs if necessary. Try to get a warranty for your iPhone as well. If possible, get insurance against theft and loss as well. It can be difficult to determine how good of a deal you are getting until after the fact so make sure that you do research beforehand by comparing prices on different websites.


In conclusion, the iPhone X might be a bit pricey when it first comes out, but keep in mind that other hidden costs come with owning one. 


For example, you’ll need to pay for insurance, and you might need to buy a new case or screen protector. Plus, you’ll need to pay for data if you want to use your phone’s internet capabilities, with all things considered, the price of the iPhone X might not be as bad as you initially thought so you go to the store and try getting one for yourself.


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