Prices of paint in Nigeria


Prices of paint in Nigeria:

For a variety of reasons, modern house painting is considerably different from the old. For example, by using specially-formulated stucco, paint usage has been lowered and cohesiveness between plastered walls and current water-based paints has been improved.

When it comes to Emulsion Paint or Water Paint it is thought to have undergone major alterations in order to keep up with contemporary building trends. Now, because of the paint’s quality and/or the nature of the walls to be painted, much more paint will be used. As a result of a few technological advancements, painting projects can now be completed with a less amount of paint.

Current prices for Emulsion paints are listed below.

Although paint usage has declined in recent years, the current price of paint is not promising. Based on the results of a recent market survey, it was found that prices have more than doubled since 2010. On the other hand, in 2013, you can buy an 8-liter bucket of emulsion paint at a cost of as little as 400 or 500 Naira. N1000 per bucket is now being charged for the same size bucket. This includes all of the paint sizes available today. In 2013, a 20-liter bucket cost N2000 or N3000, but now it costs N5000 or N6000.

A comparison between wall painting versus wall tiling

These price increases have deterred many builders from undertaking painting projects because the entire cost of the painting project is almost as high as the cost of plastering. Aside from aesthetics, there doesn’t appear to be a good reason to spend a lot of money painting walls that may need repainting in a few years. This is why some builders would rather put wall tiles on the building wall than paint it, saving time and money.


Finding the price of paint dependent on the number of coats

The current pricing of emulsion paints can be determined based on the size of the container or bucket measured in liters, based on the latest price increase. The 4 liters and 20 liters buckets are the most common sizes. According to the grade of the paint, 4 liter buckets cost between N1000 and N2000. Twenty-liter buckets can cost anywhere from N5,000 to $8,000 depending on the quality and brand name.

How to know how much you need to buy

If you’ve never painted before, it can be difficult to estimate how much paint you’ll need for a specific area. This does not indicate, however, that some paints are superior in terms of quality. As a result of their thickness, some brands require a lot of water for dilution, while others are thinner and require less water.


How much material to utilize depends on the builder’s preferences. To make a wall look more attractive and more densely painted, more paint is added to it. The walls will be painted a sufficient amount to mask any defects for a better appearance. Because of this, it is up to the builder how much paint he or she will use.

It’s possible to estimate the approximate amount of paint you’ll need for all the areas that need painting in a simple approach. This is the way to go:

A wall that has been specified or measured can be drawn.

So let the painter do his or her job on the wall.

The thickness and appearance must fulfill the desired standards.

Consider how much paint was utilized in that region.


You can use the ratio formula to figure out how much the remaining walls would consume. Emulsion paint, for example, can cover an area of 10 feet by 10 feet with 4 liters of paint. Partition the wall by that measurement and you’ll receive the answer you need.

Using the above method, you may obtain a good idea of how many paints you’ll need for the entire structure.

Building projects will be less wasteful if you do this.


That is all we have got for you on the price range of paint here in Nigeria

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