Price of turkey in Nigeria per kilo and live Turkey 2021


Generally, the price of turkey in Nigeria in 2021 is different from the price of chicken. Check the prices below.

Turkey meats in Nigeria are usually sold in kilo, by body parts, or by using any other means of measurement.

Most of the current prices of turkey listed here are the best prices selected from and

Check below for the price of Turkey per carton (40 pieces for full carton and 20 pieces for half carton) and the price per kilo (kg) and the price of a full grown-up live turkey.


How Much Does a Turkey Cost in Nigeria?

The current price of fresh Turkey meat in Nigeria in 2021 starts from Six Hundred Naira ₦600 to Five thousand naira ₦3,000 for the laps and feather and other body parts.

How much is the price of a carton of turkey in Nigeria 2021: A carton of turkey meat in Nigeria will cost about ₦21,000 to ₦27,000.

Moreso, the price of 1kg of Turkey meat cost between One Thousand Three Hundred Naira (₦1,300) to One Thousand Nine Hundred Naira (₦1,900) per kg in Nigeria at a retail store.

Price of Matured Turkey in Nigeria (Live Turkey Price)

How Much is a Full Grown Live Turkey? A full grown up live turkey in Nigeria cost between Nine Thousand Naira (₦9,000) to Eighteen Thousand Naira (₦18,000) depending on the size.

The specific price range for foreign turkey and local turkey is not the same and the prices of different turkey parts also differ.

Foreign turkeys are more expensive than local ones. But the foreign turkey is rarely reared in Nigeria while the local turkey are mostly reared and they are affordable compared to the foreign ones.

Also, prices differ per region. The price in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and other top states will not be the same as the prices in communities.

Note: the prices stated above are the estimated price range and they may change at any given time. So always keep to date by checking out for the new prices.

To help online buyers, we promise to always try as much as possible to keep the prices up-to-date as much as we could.


Is Turkey Meat Cheaper than Chicken?

Turkey is far expensive than chicken. The rearing of turkey in Nigeria is nothing to be compared to that of chicken.

The price of turkey in Nigeria may be said to be two times that of chicken. Turkey is expensive and less consumable compared to chicken.

Generally, turkey meat is not very rampant because of the low level of turkey farming and rearing in Nigeria.

Where to Buy Turkey Meat in Nigeria Online & Offline

Turkey meat can be ordered online from,, etc. But to avoid shipping fees and delays, you can always buy turkey in poultry farms.

Most Poultry farmers in Nigeria rear and sell both chicken and turkey at wholesale prices, which is a bit affordable for those that are buying it for retail.

If you wish to buy the turkey in bulk at wholesale price, then we recommend you to visit a Poultry farm to buy it directly from the farmers.

But if you are used to buying things online, then you can also order turkey meat at discounted prices from online shops from direct suppliers.

At this point, we believe this update on the current price of turkey in Nigeria in 2021 per kilo (kg), per carton, or by turkey parts is helpful.


  1. Live Turkeys available for sales at affordable price at Dandis Farm located along Aiyegun/Aiyetoro Road at Okulu/Oluokun Village. Oluyole Local Government, Ibadan, Oyo State.

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