Price of Poultry/Chicken Feed in Nigeria 2022 Per Bag (Layers & Broilers)


The current price of poultry/chicken feed in Nigeria per bag for layers and broilers has dropped by NGN3,000 to NGN 15,000 in the year 2022. 


This was according to the latest report by our live market surveillance on poultry/chicken feed prices in Nigeria released this week.

List of Poultry/Chicken Feed Manufacturers

There are many poultry feed manufacturers in Nigeria that provide quality feeds for both layers and broilers. 


Some of the more popular brands include Purina, Ijo chicken, and Big Mama. The price of poultry feed can vary depending on the manufacturer, but is typically around N1,500 per bag.  



With a standard layer’s ratio of 2-4kg per day, this translates to about N3,000-N6,000 per month. With this amount you will have enough to last you through 8 months at most because chickens do not need as much feed as other animals. For example, cows need 6 times the amount of feed needed by a chicken. 


If you are feeding them an average of 4 kg per day, then it would cost you approximately N24,000 or $325 every month! In addition to these costs is the purchase price of your chickens which averages around 10k-25k per head ($120-$300). 


When calculating the total monthly cost of your chicken farm, make sure to include the following: feed for 3-5 months ahead; hatchery fees; chicks or pullets; medicines and medications.


Here are some list of Poultry/Chicken Feed Manufacturers: 


Ijo Chicken Industries – has farms located across Nigeria, as well as a poultry feed plant.


Big Mama Poultry Farm – Big Mama is an egg and poultry company that produces both layers and broiler feed.


PURINA – This company operates globally and provides both layers and broiler feed. They also have a hatchery, farms, and poultry feed mills located across Nigeria.


 FOSLAND – Produces feed for chickens, turkeys, and quails. They also have farms, hatcheries, and food processing plants located across Nigeria.



 SOLARIS- Solaris is an integrated poultry farming company with feed mills, hatcheries, and farms across Nigeria. They provide feed for different types of chickens. Their feeds are specifically designed to meet nutritional needs and ensure optimal growth rates.


SEEDMILL- They produce broiler and layer feeds as well as other poultry products. They have farms, hatcheries, feed mills, and meat processing plants located across Nigeria.


COVENANT- This company is a full service poultry producer with farms, hatcheries, feed mills, and meat processing plants located across Nigeria. 


They produce feeds for various types of chickens including cockerels, hens, ducks, guinea fowls, quails, turkey poults and turkeys. 


They offer premixes for laying hens and broilers as well as compound feed for weaning stage and moulting hens. AGC- AGC is another integrated poultry company in Nigeria with facilities located throughout the country.


The price of poultry feed can vary depending on the manufacturer, but is typically around N1,500 per bag. For example, a small bag of Lay Layer Starter Pulley Ratio sold by Purina has a retail price of N850 ($9 USD), while Ijo Chicken sells their starter pellets for N600 ($7 USD). 


So prices range from $7-$9 USD per bag, which may seem expensive to some people but when compared to purchasing fresh eggs at market prices ($2-5), it becomes less so.

List of Animal Husbandry Equipment Suppliers

Animal husbandry equipment suppliers provide the tools and machines necessary for the care of livestock. This can include everything from feeders and water troughs to housing and fencing. When choosing a supplier, it is important to consider quality, price, and customer service. The following is a list of animal husbandry equipment suppliers in Nigeria 


  1. University Veterinary Teaching Hospital – Abuja 
  2. Livestock Equipment Manufacturers Association – Lagos 
  3. Geo Fence Ltd – Abuja 4. Animals Aides Co Ltd – Lagos 
  4. Nigerian Stockfeeds Limited – Kaduna 
  5. Capital Livestock Farms Company Ltd – Kaduna
  6. Rehoboth Livestock Farms – Lagos 
  7. Livestock Equipment Corporation – Kwara State 
  8. Bendel Livestock Development Company – Edo State 
  9. Biokid Industries Ltd – Oyo State 11. Alga Factory Pvt Ltd – Abuja 
  10. National Farming Services Limited – Kano State 
  11. All-Star Supply Company Ltd – Lagos 14. Double Egg Enterprises Ltd – Port Harcourt 15. Ole Group of Companies – Ibadan 16. Japaul Agro Agencies Ltd 17. Wegus Ventures Ltd 18. Abba Properties 19. Twin Hill Cattle Company 20: Farmers Marketing Company


 It is difficult to give an accurate average price per bag as prices fluctuate depending on the season and location. Layers are more expensive than broilers because they require more food due to their slower growth rate. Some areas in Nigeria may have higher prices than others. 


For example, the Northeast region has higher prices due to its distance from other parts of the country where poultry farms are located. 


The national average for layer feeds is about ₦150-160, but in some cases it can be even higher. The national average for broiler feeds is about ₦130-140 per bag. There are also regional differences, with people living in the South East paying ₦80-100 less than those living in the North West or South West regions of Nigeria.

About Finding A List of Plastic Scrap Merchants

If you are looking for a list of plastic scrap merchants, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 


First, make sure that the company is registered with the Nigerian government. 


Second, check to see if the company is a member of the Nigerian Plastic Scrap Merchants Association. 


Third, ask for references from other businesses or individuals who have used the company’s services. 


Fourth, verify that the company has insurance and is bonded. 


Finally, get a written estimate from the company before doing business with them.



The cost of poultry feed is a major factor in the price of chicken meat. In Nigeria, the average price of a 50kg bag of poultry feed ranges from ₦2,500 to ₦3,500. The price of chicken feed is expected to rise in the next year due to the increasing cost of grains and soybeans. 


However, the price of chicken meat is not expected to increase significantly due to the large supply of chicken from local farmers. Furthermore, there are no export restrictions on Nigerian chicken so that the price will be determined by international market forces.

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