Price of Pig/Pork Meat in Nigeria Per kilo 2021


In this article, I will list out the price of pork meat in Nigeria per kilo 2021. If you want to know the cost of pig meat in Nigeria, then check the price below.

Recently, the cost of buying meat in Nigeria had gone high due to economy and the rise in the cost of pig feed in Nigeria.

As a result of that, the cost of buying pork meat may be affected and the price might be on a high. Check current price below.

How Much is Pork Meat Per Kilo 2021

Pig pork Meat price

The current price of buying pork meat/pig meat in Nigeria start from Five Hundred Naira (N500) to One Thousand Two Hundred Naira (N1,200) per Kilo.


Note: the above price depends on your current location in Nigeria and the price is the average prices of all locations within the country.

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Now, if you also want to know how much a kilo of pork meat will in meat shops per parts, then check breakdown in the table shown below.

Cost of Pig Meat by Parts 2021

Whether you want to go start pork meat sausage production or any other pork business, the below are the price of pig meat for each part.

Part Price Per Kilo
Pork chops N1350 per kilo
Live Pork N1100 per Kilo.
Spare ribs N1400 per kilo
Dressed Pork N1150 per kilo
Stewing Pork N1000 per kilo
Steak N1200 per Kilo
Chunky thigh N1300 per kilo
Pork Boneless N1300 per kilo
Thigh N1300 per kilo
Minced pork N1450 per kilo
Pork shoulder N1100 per kilo
Belly N1200 per kilo
Marinated Ribs N1600 per kilo
Asun N550 per pack
Pork Ribs N1350 per kilo
Peppered Pork N550 per pack

Where to Buy Pork Meat at Cheap Rate

The best place to buy pig meat is at meat shops. You can also buy it at any cool room that sales wet meats in kilo or by part.

Please make sure you check to be sure that you do not buy a sour or spoilt meat that has been frozen. Meanwhile, you can visit any pork meat butcher shop to buy live pork.

I am sure by now, you have known the price of pork meat in Nigeria per kilo 2021 and how much it will cost you to buy pig meat for either consumption or sales?

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