Price of POP Ceiling in Nigeria 2021 Per Sqm |Cost of Design & Installation


What are the latest price of f ceiling in Nigeria in 2021? We have made this page available to Keep house builders up-to-date with the current price of POP ceiling in Nigeria.

Check out the current price of POP Ceiling in Nigeria 2021 Per square meter, the cost of designing POP ceiling and the cost of installing POP ceiling below.

POP ceilings are also called “Plaster of Paris Ceiling” and they are one of the most beautiful and widely used ceilings presently in Nigeria.

Because of the high demand for the plaster of paris ceiling for new buildings in Nigeria, the price has kicked up just as the demand has.

How much is POP Ceiling per Sqm?

Initially, the price of POP ceiling was less expensive in Nigeria especially when a lot of people were not interested in using it.


But as POP is widely demanded and used in most new buildings in Nigeria, the demand has skyrocketed especially in 2021.

The current price of POP ceiling per square meter in Nigeria falls between five thousand five hundred naira (₦5,500) and twenty five thousand five hundred naira (₦25,500).

The price above depends on the cost of production, the quality (cheap, moderate, luxury) and POP cement price. Check the cost of POP ceiling designs below.

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Price List of POP Ceiling in Nigeria 2021

The price of a cheap POP ceiling in Nigeria starts as low as four thousand naira (N4,000) to Eight Thousand Naira ₦8,000 per square meter.

A moderate POP ceiling price in Nigeria starts from Fifteen Thousand Naira (₦15,000) to twenty thousand naira (N20,000) per square meter while the price of a luxury POP ceiling in Nigeria is up to Twenty five thousand five hundred naira (N25,500) per square meter in 2021.

POP Ceiling Price list 2021

Quality Size Price
Cheap per Sqm N4000 to N8000
Moderate per Sqm ₦15000 to N20000
Luxury per Sqm N25500 to N30000

Cost of Designing/installing POP Ceiling in Nigeria

The aim of using POP ceilings in modern buildings in Nigeria is to absorb heat and resist fire incase unforeseen fire outbreak.


Meanwhile, a quality POP ceiling produced to meet the demand of heat absorption and fire resistance must have the following qualities:

  • A minimum of 10mm thickness.
  • Optimal strength mix ratio/fillings.

POP ceiling could be best used or installed in part of the building like;

  • Bedrooms/living room.
  • Sitting rooms/Parlors
  • Dinning room
  • Master bedroom, etc.

The cost of designing or installing POP ceiling in Nigeria depends on many factors like; the prices of the materials used for the designs, the budget of the house owner depending on what the people is looking for.

Designing a cheap POP ceiling in Nigeria will cost between N4,000 to ₦8,000 per square meter and workmanship fee for the installation.

But designing and installing a moderate or high quality POP ceiling in Nigeria will cost between ₦15,000 to N25,500 per Sqm in 2021.

Finally, it strongly advisable to go for a better option and choose at least a quality design of the POP ceiling instead of going for a cheap design that may cause regrets and risk in the future.

Meanwhile, there are many other beautifully designed false ceilings widely used in Nigeria such as, glass ceiling, gypsum ceiling, fiber ceiling, metal ceiling, wooden ceiling, synthetic leather or cloth ceilings.

So if you wish to get something extraordinary, beautiful, separate from others and more affordable, them you can check out other types of ceilings listed above.


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