Price of Parapet in Nigeria 2022 |Cost of Polystyrene & Other Types


In this context, the complete price of parapet in Nigeria in 2022 has been listed base on their brand and quality.

The price tags on this page covers the prices of Plain parapet, Embattled parapet, Panelled parapet, Perforated parapet and the polystyrene parapet

In recent years, parapet have become more common in Nigeria. This post describes the price of parapet and the different types of parapet available. In addition, we will answer other questions related to parapet.

Below are more detailed information that will enlighten on the latest prices of parapet and where to buy them at affordable rate.

Generally, parapet is a low wall, railing, elevation or rampart built around a building to protect it’s edge, bridge, or roof.


Types of Parapet in Nigeria

How many types of parapets are there? Basically, there are four main types of parapets that are well known in Nigeria. They are namely;

  • Embattled parapet
  • Panelled parapet
  • Plain parapet
  • Concrete parapet
  • Perforated parapet
  • Precast parapet

The most popular brand of parapet in Nigeria is polystyrene parapet. Check the complete price list of parapets in Nigeria below.

Cost of Polystyrene Parapet in Nigeria 2022

A 300 by 450 polystyrene parapet in Nigeria cost about Five thousand, three hundred to Six thousand , four hundred naira (N5300 – N6,400)

Currently, the price of a 1m Aluminium parapet start from twelve Thousand five hundred naira (₦12,500).

Apparently, a meter of precast parapet will cost between Nine Thousand, five hundred Naira (N9,500) to Thirteen Thousand Naira (₦13,000).

More so, the price of a meter of concrete parapet in Nigeria start from Fourteen Thousand Naira (N14,000) Seventeen Thousand Naira (₦17,000).

Parapet Brands, Types and their Prices 2021

Below are the listed prices of some commonly used parapets in Nigeria sorted by size and brand.

Brand/Size Price
300 by 450 Polystyrene Parapet ₦4,500
Polystyrene Parapet 450mm X350mm N5300 – N6,400
450mm x 400mm Parapet N6,000 – N7,200
300mm x 300mm expanded Polystyrene Parapet Fascia N3,400 – N4,400
420mm x 420mm Parapet Polystyrene N5,500 – N6,800
350mm by 350mm Polystyrene Parapet N3,800 – N4,800
450mm by 450mm Polystyrene Parapet N6,800 – N8,200


Construction of Parapet

Parapet are part of a roof or extension of a building wall so as to protect it’s edge, bridge, or roof.


They are generally used as low wall, railing, elevation or rampart to build around the wall of a building so as to protect the edge, bridge, or roof of the building and make the roof space safer.

Parapet can be constructed or build as simple or flat extensions of the walls around the roof. They can be constructed as short or tall extensions.

Recently, parapet are generally constructed to add beauty to a building and make it convenient and safer.

Types of Parapet Walls

  • Flat Parapet Walls
  • Curved Parapet Wall
  • Stepped Parapet Walls
  • Sloped Parapet Walls
  • Pannel Parapet Wall
  • Embattled Parapet Wall
  • Plain Parapet Wall
  • Embattled parapet


Curved parapet wall

This wall is considered a continuation of the sloping parapet wall. For aesthetic reasons, curves are added to the slopes of the wall. The builder determines the extent of the curve based on the architectural design of the building and the type of design he wants to achieve.

Do you wish to learn more about parapet, do you wish to learn how to construct it or will you love to use it in your new building? If yes, then drop a comment or contact us via the comment section.

With the above information, we strongly believe you have known the complete price of parapet in Nigeria in 2022.

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