Price of Palm Oil (Red oil) in Nigeria 2021 Per Litre


In today’s market research, we are making deep research on the price of Palm Oil in Nigeria per litre, ranging from 5 liters to 25 litres and price per bottle.

After making deep research on the higher interest in palm business in Nigeria, we decided have decided to share the price analysis on the selling and buying price of red oil in Nigeria.

The interested purpose of this research is to enlighten palm oil buyers and sellers on the current price of palm oil in Nigeria today.

Current Price of 25 Litres of Palm Oil in Nigeria 2021

One thing to note is that palm oil price in Nigeria is not fixed because the price changes from time to time and it differs from one location to another.


But at the bottom of this write-up, we have listed the current prices of Palm oil per 25kg gallon in all the states and popular markets in Nigeria across all states.

What is the current price of palm oil? Per research, a 25 litres of Palm oil (red oil) in Nigeria in 2021 falls between Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000) to Twenty five Thousand Naira (25,000) depending on location.

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To make it clearer for understanding below is a table that has the price of Palm oil in Nigeria per quantity.

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Palm Oil Quantity Price Range
25cl Bottle ₦200 to ₦350
50cl Bottle ₦400 to ₦550
75cl Bottle ₦650 to ₦850
1 litre ₦500 to ₦750
5 litres ₦2,200 to ₦3,100
20 litres ₦8,000 to ₦12,500
25 litres ₦10,000 to ₦15,000

Palm Oil Price by the Selected States

If you will love to know where to buy palm oil cheap in Nigeria, then the following is a breakdown of the palm oil price per 50 litres in all states in Nigeria;

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State Price per 50 litres Best Places to buy
Akwa Ibom State N10,000 to N13,000 All Local Government
Cross River State N12,000 to N15,000 Markets
Rivers State N12,000 to N15,000 Selected areas
Abia State N11,000 to N15,000 Selected markets
Edo State N11,000 to N14,000 All locations
Ondo State N11,000 to N14,000 All locations
Imo State N12,000 to N16,000 Selected locations
Delta State N10,000 to N14,000 Igbudu Market
Bayelsa State N11,000 to N15,000 All locations
Anambra State N12,000 to N15,000 Selected markets
Kano State N10,500 to N14,000 Dawanau Market
Gombe State N10,500 to N14,000 Gombe Main Market
Plateau State N13,000 to N16,000 Mangu Market
Enugu State N10,000 to N15,000 Nsukka Market
Kogi State N10,000 to N15,000 Anyigba market
Adamawa state N14,000 to N17,000 Mubi

How Much is a Ton of Palm Oil in Nigeria?

Now that you have known the palm oil prices per state, let’s find out the current cost of palm oil per ton in Nigeria in 2021.

Per the report, the current price of palm oil per ton in Nigeria price is about ₦300,000 (About $750USD at the dollar to Naira rate of N400 as at the time of reporting this research) per metric ton.


Note: Palm oil in Nigeria has no fixed price. Prices are different in different locations at different times.

The price of Palm oil is mostly on the higher side during the season that palm fruit yield is low. As such, the demand is always higher than the supply.

To help, it is always cheaper to buy palm oil directly from local farmers in the villages or from local markets because their price is always the best.


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