Price of Groundnut Oil in Nigeria 2022 (Per 1,5,10,15,20,25 Litres)


In our second series of market research, we have decided to look deeply into the current price of Groundnut Oil in Nigeria in 2022 with a result of our research analysis.

The information on this page includes the current Groundnut Oil price in Nigeria in 2022 per litres and other measurements, and where to buy cheap groundnut oil in Nigeria.

Pure Groundnut oil in Nigeria is expensive compared to mixed ones. Because of this, the price of pure groundnut is not the same as the mixed one. Check prices below.

How Much is Groundnut Oil in Nigeria 2022?

Now, let’s check out the market analysis of groundnut oil in Nigeria and their real-time market groundnut oil prices per liters for each brand.

Price of Groundnut Oil in Nigeria 2021 (Per 1,5,10,15,20,25 Litres)

How much is 25litres of Groundnut oil in Nigeria? The current price of 25 litres of groundnut oil in 2022 falls between ₦20,000 to ₦40,000 depending on where you purchase it from.

How much is 1 litre of Groundnut Oil? The price of a litre of groundnut oil in Nigeria which is 1 litre goes for N1100 to N1,300 with respect to locations.

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Groundnut Oil Prices Per Litres Market Price 2022

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Litres QuantityPrice in Nigeria
Price of 20 litres of groundnut Oil in NigeriaN22,000 to N30,000
5 Litre Groundnut Oil Price in NigeriaN5,500 to N10,000
Price of 10 Litres of groundnut Oil in NigeriaN11,000 to 20,000
15 Litres Groundnut oil price in NigeriaN16,500 to N18,500
The groundnut Oil price for 5kgN5000 to N7500

 Groundnut Oil Price List Per Brand

Now, let’s check out the specific price of groundnut oil by brands and the quantity sold per litre for that brand.

The following table contains the list of well-known groundnut oil brands, and their prices per litre quantity.

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Groundnut Oil Market in Nigeria 2022

Groundnut Oil BrandQuantity in LitresPrice Range
King Kings Groundnut Oil25 Litres₦45,000 to ₦55,000
Chara Kulikuli Groundnut Oil3-Litres Pure₦6,700 to N7,500
Pride Groundnut Oil1-Litre X1₦7,500 to N8,000
Oba Farms Groundnut Oil2.5 Litres₦3,000 to N3,500
Sonnen Groundnut Oil2 Litres₦3,800 to N4,500
Diva Groundnut Oil2 Litres₦5,000 to N6,200
Pure Groundnut OilPer Sachet₦70 to N100
LAZIZ Groundnut Oil3 Litres₦5,000 to N6,000
Nadim Coldpressed Groundnut Oil3 Litres₦6,500 to N7,500
Power Oil (Groundnut Oil)Full Carton₦10,000 to N20,500
Girasol Groundnut Oil2 Litres₦5,500 to N6,500
Imported Groundnut OilPer Litre₦8,000 to N9,000
Kings Groundnut Oil25 Litres₦19,000 to N22,000
Universal Groundnut Oil25 LitersN20,000 to N23,000

If you are interested in buying groundnut oil at the best prices in Nigeria then you should buy it directly from wholesalers online or offline.


For instance, you can order any quantity of groundnut oil online from online shops within Nigeria and get it delivered to your doorpost.

Note: the best markets to get pure and natural groundnut oil are mostly found in areas where the groundnuts are farmed, like the north.

Finally, if you wish to buy groundnut oil for retailing, then buy it directly from wholesalers/manufacturers. But if you need it in small quantity, then you may buy it from retailers.

But know that the wholesale price value of groundnut oil in Nigeria is more affordable (since it is in large quantity) compared to the retail price.


  1. Where can I buy wholesale or where can I get a depot for groundnut oil in Lagos. Please help a sister o

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