Price of Egg in Nigeria 2021 |Cost of Fresh Eggs Per Crate


Would you want to know the current price of egg in Nigeria and the specific cost of egg per crate? If yes, then go through this.

The aim of this information is to inform interested buyers of the latest Price of egg in Nigeria in 2021.

This price is specifically for the price of fresh egg, boiled egg, eggs per crate and every other related questions to egg business within Nigeria in 2021.

How Much are Eggs in Nigeria?

If you wish to know how much eggs are sold in Nigeria, then check below to see the wholesale price and retailed price base on the egg type.


The wholesales price of egg per piece (one) in Nigeria is Thirty Naira (N30) while the retail price of egg per one in Nigeria is Forty Naira (N40)

Meanwhile, the wholesale price of a crate of egg in Nigeria is Nine Hundred Naira (N900) while the retail price of egg per crate is One Thousand, Two Hundred Naira (N1,200).

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Egg Price by Size

The wholesale price of a crate of small size of egg is N900. The wholesale price of medium size of egg is N1,200 and the wholesale price of big size of egg is N1,300).

Apparently, the retail price of small size of egg is N1,000 per crate. The retail price of medium size of egg is N1,300 and the wholesale price of big size of egg is N1,400).

Note: the above prices are per crate and each egg crates contains 30 pieces of eggs arrange in the order of 6 by 5 (6×5) =30.

Sorted Egg Price

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Quantity Size Price Location
A crate Table Eggs ₦1,300 Oyo (Ibadan)
A crate Quail Eggs ₦2,000 Lagos
A crate Jumbo Eggs ₦ 800 Oyo
A crate Layer Eggs ₦900 Ibadan
A crate Eggs Deport/ wholesale supply ₦1,250 Ikeja
A crate Organic Eggs wholesale ₦1,200
A crate Fresh Eggs Wholesale ₦1,200 Ogun State
A crate Fresh Eggs Wholesale ₦1,200 Lagos

Egg Price by States/Location

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Location Quantity Size Wholesale/Retail Price Price per Egg
Abia (Umuahia/Aba) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Adamawa (Yola) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Akwa Ibom (Uyo) A crate Medium/small ₦1200 ₦40
Anambra (Awka/Onitsha) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Bauchi A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Bayelsa (Yenagoa)                A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Benue (Makurdi) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Borno (Maiduguri) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Cross River (Calabar) A crate Small/medium ₦1200 ₦40
Delta (Asaba) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Ebonyi (Abakaliki) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Edo (Benin City) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Ekiti (Ado-Ekiti) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Enugu A crate Small/medium ₦1200 ₦40
Gombe A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Imo (Owerri) A crate Small/medium ₦1200 ₦40
Jigawa (Dutse) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Kaduna A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Kano A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Katsina A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Kebbi (Birnin Kebbi) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Kogi (Lokoja) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Kwara (Ilorin) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Lagos (Ikeja) A crate Small/medium ₦1200 ₦40
Nasarawa (Lafia) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Niger (Minna) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Ogun (Abeokuta) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Ondo (Akure) A crate Small/medium ₦1200 ₦40
Osun (Oshogbo) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Oyo (     Ibadan) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Plateau (Jos) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Rivers (Port Harcourt) A crate Small/medium ₦1200 ₦40
Sokoto A crate Medium/big ₦1200 ₦40
Taraba (Jalingo) A crate Medium/big ₦1200 ₦40
Yobe (Damaturu) A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40
Zamfara (Gusau) A crate Small/medium/big ₦1200 ₦40
Abuja A crate medium ₦1200 ₦40

From the above, we can easily see that the price of egg is the same for all the states in Nigeria.

How To Start Egg Supply Business

Now that you have known the price of Egg in Nigeria 2021 and the cost of fresh Eggs per crate, we believe you may want to venture into egg supplying business.

If that is exactly what you are looking forward to, then below are two important point to begin your supply business with:

1. Capital: know that capital is one of the important aspect of business. To start a small scale egg supplying business, you will need up to Thirty Thousand Naira (₦30,000).

For a mega or large scale supply business, you will need between Hundred to Five Hundred Thousand Naira ₦100,000 to ₦500,000 for start.

2. Customers: Customers are the energy behind business success. As such, a better set of people that will patronize are very important roles in egg supplying business.

The customers in this aspect covers two categories; 1. The customers you buy your eggs from (wholesalers) and 2. The customers you sell your goods to.

At this point, we believe you have known the price of egg in Nigeria per crate and in pieces. If you still need more clarification, then use the comment section to reach out to us.


  1. Aba is price is #1350 per crate and that makes it difficult for us buyers and at the end, we sell at #1400 and gain nothing.

  2. Good morning sir/ma, how is the family.
    Pls I’m interested in egg buz and how do I go abt it. Tnx

  3. Good morning sir/ma,
    Pls I’m interested in egg business and how do I go about it thanks

  4. Good day. Can I get a supplier in Port Harcourt please. If One thousand Naira is good enough per create please contact my WhatsApp: 08054268329

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