Price of Day Old Layers in Nigeria 2021 | Cost of Day Old Layers

Check out the Price of Day-old layers in Nigeria in 2021 below. If you want to start rearing layers in your poultry, then this is a very good start for you.

In general, when you want to start poultry, it is always very important to consider the cost you will need to run it to a point of profit.

As such, it will be better to start by considering the cost of buying 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 or even 500 day old layers to start in your poultry farm.

Check below to see the price of layer and broiler day-old chicks in Nigeria per one and per carton and the cost of raising them.

How Much is Day old layers in Nigeria 2021

The price of Day old layers in Nigeria in 2021 start from Three Hundred Naira (N300) depending on the location you buy it from.

More Prices;

A carton of day old layers in Nigeria start from N15,300 Naira and it might cost as much as N16,000 Naira in some locations.

For more helpful information on this, kindly visit any poultry farm sales Depot to find out the prices of different layers.

Price of a Carton of Layers

Like I said before, a day old layer chick cost about three hundred Naira (N300) each depending on the location that you are.

Meanwhile a carton of layer chick contains 51 chicks. Now, let’s consider the price for a carton of layer chick.

The price of a Carton of Layer chick in Nigeria is Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Naira (N15,300).

You can still use this formula to calculate for the cost of 100 layer chicks, the cost of 200 layers, 300, 400 and so on.

Cost of Raising Layer in Nigeria

There had been several questions from new farmers as regarding how much it cost to feed 100 layers. While others also ask the same question about 50, 200, 300 layers and so on.

Is it expensive to Raise Layers in Nigeria? The cost of raising layers in Nigeria can only be expensive when the cost of feed and other poultry farm materials become expensive.

But in a very simple calculation, layers will consume about 2,250 pounds of layer feed. Other important items like the cost of medication, warming, and water must also be considered.

Estimatedly, the monthly cost of raising layers will be about Fifty Two Thousand Naira (52,000) but this depends on the number of layers you are rearing.

Most of this monthly cost above will go for buying of feeds, buying of medicine, buying of pest and disease controller, buying of feeders and drinkers.

With this piece of information, we believe you have known the price of day old layers in Nigeria in 2021 per carton and we believe this information was helpful to you.

If you want to ask more questions on how to start rearing layers in your poultry farm, then use the comment section below to ask your questions and we will respond in a short time.

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