Price of Poultry/Chicken Feed in Nigeria 2021 Per Bag (Layers & Broilers)

Let’s check out the latest and current price of poultry/chicken feed in Nigeria per bag at retailed prices nationwide for poultry farmers.

On this page, you will get to know the price of layers feed and the price of broilers feed in bag or per kg.

The price of feed analyzed on this  page is base on the quantity (kg) and the type of feed. The price for the feed for broilers are not the same price with the feed for layers.

Cost of Poultry Feed in Nigeria 2021

There are well known poultry feeds in Nigeria with very considerable prices for Broiler Starter Mash, layer mash and so on.

price of chicken feed per bag for layers broilers

A bag of a 25kg broiler starter mash start from Four Thousand Five Hundred Naira (₦4,500).

Meanwhile, it might be cheaper or more costly than this depending on your location and the current price of the feed in Nigeria.

Unavailability, scarcity, high demand, hype in fuel price or high dollar exchange rate might also amount to an increment in the price of feed.

How much is a bag of Chicken feed in Nigeria?

The price of a 25kg bag of chicken feed starts from Four Thousand Five Hundred Naira (₦4,500) depending on the brand.

More so, the Price of broiler finisher feed in Nigeria starts from Five Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (₦5,800).

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Note: This is just an estimated price because the price of poultry feed is not the same for broilers and layers.

Each stage of the chicken has a given type of feed and their feeds have different price tags depending on the kg of the feed.

Check out all the prices of poultry feeds, supplements, seeds and sales in Nigeria 2021 below.

Best Poultry Feed in Nigeria & Their Prices 2021

Do you want to know which chicken feed is the best in Nigeria? Or the top feed price list 2021 in Nigeria?

If yes, then below are some of the best poultry feeds in Nigeria and their retail prices in 2021.

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Feed Type Brand Size per Bag Price
Chick Mash Hybrid Brand 25kg  ₦5,000
Growers Mash Hybrid Brand  25kg ₦4,500
Broiler Finisher Mash Hybrid Brand 25kg Bag ₦5,450
Broiler Starter Mash Chikun Feed 25kg ₦5,850
Topfeed Broiler Finisher TopFeed  (Mash/Pellets) 25kg ₦5,800
Broiler Chick Super Starter (Mash/Crumbles) TopFeeds 25kg ₦5,800
Hybrid Feeds Layer Mash Hybridfeed 25kg ₦4,850
Broiler Finisher Feed Hendrix feed 25kg ₦6,650
Pre Lay Mash Chikun Feed 25kg ₦5,200
Starter Feed Hendrix Brand 25kg ₦7,000
Chick Starter Crumble New Hope Super Brand 320 25kg ₦6,100
Pre-Layer Mash New Hope Brand 323 25kg ₦5,450
Layer Ration Mash/Pellet New Hope 25kg ₦5,300
Grower Mash New Hope Brand 322 25kg ₦5,300
Chick Crumble New Hope Brand 321 25kg ₦5,800
New Hope Layer Mash Professional New Hope Brand 324 25kg ₦5,600
Grower Concentrate New Hope Brand 3122 25kg ₦6,150
Layer Concentrate New Hope Brand 3124 25kg ₦6,450
Broiler Super Starter Crumbled Feed New Hope 25kg ₦6,500
Broiler Starter Pelleted Feed New Hope 25kg ₦6,650

Which Chicken Feed is the Best in Nigeria?

The richness of a poultry feed is base on the ingredients used in the production.

Now the cost and prices of feeds only climbs up if the prices of the feed ingredients such as corn and soybean becomes more expensive than the were before.

For now, the above chicken feed are the best and most recommended feeds with best prices.

You can always do well to recheck this page for the latest price of chicken feed in Nigeria per bag for 25kg bag feeds at retail prices.

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