Price of beans in Nigeria 2022


The price of beans in Nigeria depends on the size, variety and quality of the beans. Most types of beans are classified into two groups based on their size; the large varieties and the small varieties. 


Large beans include red kidney beans, black-eyed peas, butter beans and lima beans while the small types include white navy beans, green peas, great northern beans and baby limas among others. Beans are known to be very healthy and tasty too.


Phaseolus vulgaris(Price of beans)

Commonly known as the green bean, string bean, or snap bean, the Phaseolus vulgaris is a herbaceous annual plant grown for its unripe fruit. 


The fruits are marketed while they are still green and the pods are thin, tender, and edible. 



The plant is believed to have originated in Peru and was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. It is now widely cultivated throughout the world. In Nigeria, the average price of green beans is N1,500 per kilogram. 


The black bean is more expensive than the green bean. 


Beans contain significant quantities of protein, complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber; therefore they are an important part of a healthy diet. 


Beans can be stored dried on shelves in bulk bins with some type of seed cover or container to maintain their quality over time. These containers usually consist of either a plastic bag or paper sack. 


They should also be placed inside an airtight container to ensure that there is no contact with oxygen which could cause them to spoil quicker. 


If these conditions are not met, then the seeds will likely need to be re-hydrated before cooking by soaking them overnight in water before cooking them as normal beans. 


If you don’t want your dishes to taste like gas (which often happens when beans are cooked for too long), then cook them for about 30 minutes after boiling. Another thing to remember is that beans shouldn’t be added until the broth has already boiled. 


When cooking brown or red kidney beans, it’s necessary to boil them for about 1 hour and 15 minutes due to their high levels of acidity.


Phaseolus coccineus

Also known as the red kidney bean, this type of bean is a popular choice for chili and other hearty dishes. In 2022, the average price for a pound of red kidney beans will be about $0.50.  Price of beans


The most expensive variety of these beans was seen to be Pinto Beans, with an average cost of $0.60 per pound.


Kidney Beans are cheaper, but still cost about $0.55 per pound. The least expensive variety was Black Turtle Beans, which you can get for about $0.30 per pound.

Vigna unguiculata

In 2022, the price of Vigna unguiculata is expected to be about $0.15 per pound. 


This price is based on the current market trends and the average price of Vigna unguiculata over the past few years. 


The price of Vigna unguiculata is expected to continue to rise in the next few years due to increasing demand from both developed and developing countries. 


Demand for this type of bean will increase because it’s a nutritious food with high levels of protein and iron. 


Demand for Vigna unguiculata will also increase because it can grow anywhere, including areas that are less fertile or not farmable at all. 


Additionally, its ability to produce higher yields than other types of beans make it an attractive crop choice. 


However, Vigna unguiculata may suffer from infestation by insect pests such as thrips and aphids. 


Increased awareness of these risks should lead to increased adoption of environmentally friendly pest control methods such as integrated pest management (IPM).

Vigna mungo

Also known as black gram, urad bean, ulundu paruppu, and minapa pappu, this variety of bean is used extensively in South Asian cuisine. In India, they are often ground into a flour to make delicious dosas and idlis. 


Here in Nigeria, you can find them at your local market for about N600 per kilogram. 


You can also buy it from the Nigerian Online Marketplaces (NOM), but the price may be a little higher. 


You’ll pay around N1200-N1500 per kilogram depending on which marketplace you purchase from. For example, if you purchase it from TakeoutZone, it will cost N1400 per kilo; if purchased from Jumia Express Shopping, it costs around N1250 per kilo; while iBuyeStuff has the cheapest price with only N900 per kg.

Vigna radiata

Also known as the mung bean, this type of bean is common in Asian cuisine. In Nigeria, they are used in soups and stews. 


The price of mung beans has remained stable over the past few years, but is expected to rise slightly in 2022. Mung beans can be bought for about 250 naira (approximately $1) per kilogram at a Nigerian grocery store. Mung beans have been around since the 6th century B.C., when it was first grown in China.


In Nigeria, mung beans are not grown locally so they must be imported from other countries such as India or Vietnam where they’re harvested throughout the year.


Nigerian women are often tasked with washing and sorting these imported crops before distribution within the country takes place. Mung beans are high in protein and fiber, making them an excellent addition to any diet. 


They can also be sprouted for use as an alternative snack food. 


The price of mung beans has remained stable over the past few years, but is expected to rise slightly in 2022 due to increased demand from populations growing wealthier due to advancements in technology.


Their versatility makes them an excellent addition to any meal, especially salads because they absorb liquids quickly which helps make salads more filling.


In conclusion, the price for different types of beans has increased by about 6% from $9.85 to $10.48. 


The price for mung beans has increased the most from $6.99 to $7.50 and soybeans have increased the least from $8.87 to $9.01. 


The cost of lentils is a bit more expensive now at $3.25 but chickpeas are still the cheapest at $2.36 because they haven’t been affected as much. 


I think it’s really important that we keep track of these things because food can get so expensive that people might not be able to afford it anymore.

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