The Prices of Mouka Foam Mattresses in Nigeria in 2022


Mouka foam mattresses are some of the most comfortable mattresses available in Nigeria. Not only are they highly comfortable, but they’re also very durable and cost-effective. 


Mouka foam mattress prices can vary, depending on the size and type of mattress you decide to purchase, but in general, the average cost of these mattresses falls somewhere between ₦30,000 and ₦50,000.

About Mouka

Mouka is a Nigerian company that has been manufacturing foam mattresses since 1984. 


The company is headquartered in Lagos and has showrooms in major cities across the country. 



Mouka foam mattresses are made from high-density polyurethane foam and are available in a variety of sizes and firmness levels.


The prices of Mouka foam mattresses vary depending on the size and firmness level of the mattress.

About the Model – Comfort

The Comfort model is the top-of-the-line mattress from Mouka Foam. 


It has a thick layer of memory foam that contours to your body, providing support and pressure relief. 


The mattress also has a layer of gel-infused foam that helps keep you cool and comfortable all night long. 


The cover is made from 100% cotton and is machine-washable, so it’s easy to care for this mattress. 


With its quality materials and construction, it’s no wonder why this mattress is so popular with customers who are looking for the best quality at an affordable price. 


As you can see, there are many reasons why you may be interested in a Comfort mattress from Mouka Foam. 



If you’re looking for a high-quality mattress that has superb support and comfort at an affordable price, then one of these models might be perfect for your home. 

How To Purchase An Online Mouka Foam Mattress

In order to purchase an online Mouka foam mattress, you will first need to find a reputable retailer.


Once you have found a retailer, you will need to select the mattress that is right for you. 


After selecting the mattress, you will need to provide your shipping information. Finally, you will need to pay for the mattress. 


If this is your first time purchasing a mattress on the internet, it can be nerve-wracking not knowing how it feels or if it’s worth what you paid for it. 


However, by following these steps and guidelines, you can rest assured that you are getting a good quality product at a great price.

What Makes a Good Memory Foam Mattress?

A good memory foam mattress should contour to your body, provide support where you need it, and distribute your weight evenly. 


It should also be durable and made from high-quality materials. Plus, a good memory foam mattress should be affordable so that you can get the best value for your money. 


Here are some of the cheapest prices on Mouka foam mattresses available in Nigeria:

  1. Prices start at about N50,000. 


  1. Most popular size is the king size which starts at about N80,000 and goes up to about N120,000 depending on the quality of the material used. 


  1. The most expensive size is a California King which starts at about N130,000 and goes up to about N160,000 depending on the quality of material used. 


  1. If you want to save money, buy a cheaper size because when buying the same quality of material, there’s not much difference between sizes. 


  1. Quality brands such as Sealy and Tempur have really expensive prices (starting at about N200,000) because they use better materials than other brands.

Benefits of Sleeping on a Foam Mattress

A foam mattress can provide you with a number of benefits, including improved sleep quality, reduced back pain, and increased blood circulation. 


Foam mattresses are also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making them a great option for people with allergies. 


Plus, they’re easy to care for and can last for years with proper care, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular among the masses. 


Due to their excellent durability, foam mattresses typically have much longer warranties than other types of mattresses. 


You should consult your retailer or manufacturer before purchasing a new mattress as some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on the product while others will only cover the mattress for up to 10 years. 


You should also know that most foam mattresses do not come with any type of foundation so if you want one, it’s best to purchase it separately. 


If you live in a humid climate, be sure to purchase a waterproof protector as moisture can cause the mattress to degrade over time.

Types Of Memory Foam Mattresses And Which One Is Best For You?

There are three types of memory foam mattresses: traditional, gel, and plant-based. 


Traditional memory foam mattresses are made with petroleum-based products, while gel memory foam mattresses are made with a gel that’s designed to dissipate heat. 


Plant-based memory foam mattresses are made with soybean oil and other plant-based products. 


So, which type of mattress is best for you? It really depends on your needs and preferences. 


If you’re looking for an affordable mattress, the traditional memory foam may be the best option. 


However, if you have allergies or asthma, the plant-based option may be better suited for you because it’s hypoallergenic and has antimicrobial properties. 


The only downside is that it does require more time to break in than the other two options, but this can be resolved by rotating the mattress periodically. 


Memory foam mattresses are also good for people who sleep on their back or stomach since they provide spinal support and minimize pressure points.


Traditional memory foam mattresses may also not be as durable as other types of foams, but this all depends on what brand you buy. 


You should also keep in mind that they don’t offer the same level of airflow as some other options. 


But these concerns shouldn’t discourage you from purchasing one if it suits your needs.

Things to consider before buying any foam mattress

There are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing a foam mattress in Nigeria. 


  • Firstly, consider the climate. If it’s hot, you’ll want a mattress that won’t make you sweat at night. 


  • Think about the size of the mattress. You don’t want to be cramped up or too spread out. 


  • Take into account how firm or soft you like your mattress to be. 


  • Take a look at the price range and compare it to your budget.


  • Finaly, consider what material you’d like your mattress to be made from. 


In conclusion, I would like to say that foam mattresses are a great choice for people who want a comfortable and supportive mattress at an affordable price. 


The prices vary depending on the size and brand you buy. I hope this blog post has been helpful to you and thank you for reading.

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