How to Start a Picnic Business In Nigeria

Start a Picnic Business In Nigeria

If you’re looking to start a picnic business, there are a few things you should know. For example, you may need picnic baskets, serving trays, and rugs. You can also hire picnic vendors who are licensed to serve food. Alternatively, you can prepare your own meals. Some people choose a cottage food license, a low-risk method of preparing food.

Cost Of A Picnic Business

There are some costs involved in starting a  picnic business. These expenses include the startup costs, as well as running capital. You must also decide how to market and price your service or product. Some business owners choose to hire digital experts to handle the branding process. However, you should know that starting a luxury picnic business requires a significant amount of passion.

The first thing you need to think about when starting a luxury picnic business is the type of packages you want to offer. Obviously, the more expensive the package, the more money you’ll need to spend. Luxury picnic packages include additional food items and activities. You can even customize the packages to match the theme of the event. However, this may also require more funds than other picnic packages. You should consider hiring an accountant to review your finances and provide business advice.


Another cost to consider is rent. It may seem small, but one of the biggest costs of running a business is rent. Rent varies greatly by region and city. For example, in Lagos, the cost of renting retail space can be less than #10,000 per month. Other costs include establishing a business entity, obtaining patents, trademarks and copyrights.

You can charge anywhere from #15000 to #25000 per package, depending on how many guests you want to serve. These packages typically include picnic baskets, sausage boards, flowers, and decorations. You can also add activities and additional foods such as champagne or wine. A basic picnic pack costs between #15000 and #25000, depending on the service.

The first step is to make your business visible to potential hires. You can market your services through social media (Facebook marketing, Instagram), paid advertising, or word of mouth. You can also advertise your business using traditional print materials. To attract customers, you need to offer a package that includes set up, prep, eat and clean up.

Things To Consider Buying For Your Picnic Business In Nigeria

If you’re looking to start a picnic business, there are a few things to consider before you start selling. The first thing you need to do is determine your target market and competition. Once you know who you want to serve, you can determine your pricing policy. You can set a minimum price for your picnic pack, but you can also negotiate additional fees if needed. Another thing to consider is how long your picnic will take. You can also have a picnic in the park, on the beach, or at home.

Another important factor is the cost of materials. If consumables can be reused, overall costs can be reduced. Remember to clean and disinfect the item before using it again. Additionally, if you want to add more services or products, the cost will increase. Starting a business can be intimidating and confusing. However, there are many helpful resources on the internet.

Income from a picnic shop depends on how long it takes to set up your business, how many customers you serve, and how much you invest. A luxury picnic business can earn him #250,000 to #500,000 a month. As long as you are serious about making a profit, this business can be lucrative for you.

If you are looking for a business opportunity, a picnic business is a great way to make extra money. This business can be operated online without a storefront and with minimal overhead. Initial costs and running costs are also kept low. In addition, if you can attract more customers through online bookings and social media advertising, you can generate higher profits.

To start a picnic business, you will need to decide what kind of picnic blanket you will use. A picnic blanket should be lightweight and easy to clean. Also, they should be relatively small, about 50 x 60 inches. Large rugs are difficult to wash and dry and may not be attractive. If you’re just starting out, a medium sized blanket will suffice. Just search “throw blanket” on Google or Amazon and you will find many suitable options. Plus, throw rugs aren’t expensive.

In addition to the carpet, you will also need picnic supplies for your picnic table and chairs. Picnic shops should consider the availability of storage space. Collapsible baskets and tables are available when space is limited. Also, make sure your company keeps records. It helps you establish routines and save time.

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