Current prices of Play Stations in Nigeria (2023)

Playstation is the major gaming console in Nigeria, both single and married men plays playstation, ranging from PS2-PS5,

PS is also a source of income for those who own game houses where nigerians go to play game for a particular duration and they pay.

So we gathered the present prices of playstation in Nigeria 2023.

Current prices of Play Stations in Nigeria (2023)

TypePrince (₦)
PS 120,000
PS 224,000
PS 375,000
PS 4168,000-300,000
PS 4 PRO95,000
PS 5500,000-600,000

PS 1-5 price on Jiji and Amazon

TypePrice on JijiPrice on Amazon
PS 1N10,000 / $24N49,638 / $121
PS 2N40,000 / $97N85,739 / $209
PS 3N85,000 / $207N93,944 / $229
PS 4N219,999 / $536N212,503 / $518
PS4 PRON382,804 / $933N377,008 / $919
PS5N590,000 / $1,438N451,261 / $1,100

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