Current Price of Cashew Nut in Nigeria 2021 Per Kg/ton Today


When talking about the current price of cashew nut in Nigeria in 2021, we automatically consider top cashew nut dealers like the Kernel Cashew Nut Market in Nigeria.

After considering basic stats from different cashew dealers in Nigeria, we have arrived at the current price of Cashew nut per 1kg.

In the context of this page, we have made a good analysis of the current price that you can buy or sell Cashew Nuts in Nigeria.

If you are interested in starting a cashew nut buying and selling business in 2021, then this article will also be helpful to you.


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In this article, we will discuss on the Cashew market price today, Raw cashew nut price today 2021, Raw Cashew Nut fob price per Metric Ton, Cashew price per ton 2021 and where to buy cashew nuts in Nigeria.

How Much Does Cashew Cost?

The cost of Cashew in Nigeria depends on many market factors like the economy situation of the country, inflation rate, deflation rate or the demand at a particular moment.

Other factors that may highly affect or determine the prices of Cashew are the quantity (whether in kg, per tons, per grams, in bags, etc.) and so on.

As such, the price of Cashew Nuts may not be steady for so long. Check below for the categorized prices of Cashew Nuts in Nigeria in 2021.

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How Much is 1kg of Cashew Nuts in Nigeria?

The price of 1kg of Cashew Nuts in Nigeria ranges between Four Hundred and Fifty Naira (₦450) to  Six Hundred Naira ₦600

But if you are not or if you don’t want to buy yours in kg, then we have also listed the prices below in tons and grams.

The price of one (1) Tonne of Cashew Nut in Nigeria is between Four Hundred Thousand Naira (₦400,000) to Six Hundred Thousand Naira (₦650,000)

Note: 1 Tonne is equal to 1,000kg;

Moreover, also note that other dealers may sell lesser or higher than this price but we strongly believe the prices will be relatively close to the price range listed here.


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Raw cashew Nut Price Today 2021 |Cashew market Price Today

A higher percentage of Cashew Nuts in Nigeria are sold at their raw stage. Like we have started already, the Raw Cashew Nut price in Nigeria 2021 falls between ₦400,000 to ₦650,000)

Helpfully, we do advise cashew dealers to stay up-to-date with the price changes in the cashew market as the prices change frequently in the cashew market.

Hopefully, there are good numbers of reliable websites that you can also check price changes every day such as the:

  • Raw Cashew Nut fob price per Metric Ton daily price
  • The Kernel Cashew Nut Market in Nigeria @
  • Or visit the official Nigerian cashew report portal @

Where To Buy Cashew Nut in Nigeria?

The best place to buy cashew Nuts is to start by finding and connecting with Cashew Nuts Suppliers and manufacturers (farmers) in Nigeria.

But to make it very easy for buyers, you can easily connect with cashew nuts suppliers and order cashew nuts online by visiting top websites that sell cashew nuts.

Recommended websites to start may be;,,, etc. But we advise buyers to be careful with the dealers they meet online to avoid scams.

Easily visit any of the websites and search for “Cashew Nuts” and a ton of results will pop out. Check out the best deals and hook up for your business.


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