How Much is Pig Feed in Nigeria 2021/Cost Price of Pig food Per Bag


In this article, you will get to understand how much is Pig feed in Nigeria per bag in 2021 and the Cost price of feeding pig for six (6) months.

If you wish to know the cost of feeding pigs for six months and the price of Pig feed in bags in the 2021, then see the details below.

Generally, the cost of feeding pigs in Nigeria had become more tougher in recent times because high cost of agricultural products nationwide.

Cost Price of Pig Feed in Nigeria 2021

Price of pig feed

The 50kg Finisher Pig Feed in Nigeria cost from Six Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (N6,800) to Seven Thousand Naira (N7,000).


Meanwhile, the type of feed you will buy for your pig and their cost price will depend on the stage of your piglet.

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For example, your 1 month old will not eat the same feed that the 5 month old pigs will eat. As such, the cost of their feeds will not be the same.

So more information on the estimated monthly cost of raising or feeding pigs and how to produce your own pig feed using home products below.

The Cost of Feeding Pigs in 2021

If you wish to have healthy pigs, then you must also play the role of feeding and medicating them properly with nutritious feeds that will give you a good and desirable result.

Now, let check out the cost of feeding pig; Piglets requires proper feeding and a diets that are rich in Colostrum. The best source of colostrum is from their mother’s breast.

The monthly cost of feeding 10 to 50 pigs in Nigeria will cost up to Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000) depending on the stage of the pigs and the kind of feed you are using and also you feed management plan.

At normality, the piglets are allowed to suck their  stop mother’s milk for only 8 weeks. After the eight weeks, the farmer must start feeding them with their normal feeds.

The recommended feed for the Piglets at that stage is the weaner mash. The Piglets will have to eat the Weaner Mash for 2 months.


After eating the Weaner Mash for two months, the farmer will have to switch to Pig Mash feed. The Pig Mash feed is the feed that the pigs will eat until you sell them out.

How Much is a Bag of Pig Feed?

The price of a 50kg bag of Finisher Pig Feed in Nigeria start from Six Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (N6,800) to Seven Thousand Naira (N7,000) depending on the time and location you buy it from.

Now, there are some cheap ways you can use to minimize your pig feeding expenses. This can be easily achieved by producing your own feed or using alternative feeds.

Helpfully, you can cheaply feed your pigs by using feed from a feed mill. You can combine and grind your own pig feed from available home products.

Generally, you can combine constituents like grains, rice, meat, vegetables, and cooked table scraps to produce pig feeds like pig laying mash or pig grower.


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