Cost of Starting a Rice Farm in Nigeria 2021


Since rice farming has become one of the most lucrative type of farming in Nigeria, I am sure it will interest you to the recent cost of starting a rice farm in Nigeria 2021.

Generally, rice is known to be one of the most consumed food staple in Nigeria and the demand for rice in Nigeria increases on yearly basis.

Nigerians spent billions of Naira in buying and importating rice from foreign countries due to insufficiency of rice provision from local farmers.

This high demand for rice and a high rate of rice consumption in Nigeria has helped local rice farmers to remain relevant in the Nigeria Agro-allied sector.


What Does it Take to Start a Rice Farm?

Rice farming and processing in Nigeria involves some important stages of farming/production which start from the planting to harvesting and processing.

Is it hard to grow rice? Generally, rice is cheap to grow. Rice is very easy to farm and rice yield is always impressive.

How much Does it Cost to start a Rice farm in Nigeria

The major expenses in starting a rice farm in Nigeria is land labour. Other expenses will go on Rice nursery and the processing process.

In 2021, it will cost between Seven Hundred Thousand Naira (N700,000) to Two million Naira (N2,000,000) to start a mega rice farm in Nigeria.

Starting a small scale or a mini rice farm in Nigeria will cost between Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000) to Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) depending on the land leasing cost at that particular location.

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Cost Analysis/Breakdown

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S/N Budget Cost Conditions
1 Hiring a farmland/swamp N50000 to N200000 Depending on the size and location
2 Labour N100,000 upward Depending on the number of hired workers.
3  Nursery N3000 to N20000 per basin Depending on the specie of the rice

Profit in Rice Farming

Is rice farming profitable in Nigeria? Absolutely Yes!!! Rice farming is a very profitable farming business Nigeria.

Rice farming business is very easy and affordable to start. It is very of the lucrative due to the high consumption rate of rice in the country.

How much do Rice Farmers make a year?

A mega rice farmer in Nigeria will make an average yearly profit of Ten Million Naira (N10,000,000) or above while a micro (small scale) Rice farmer in Nigeria will make an average yearly profit of Two Million Naira (N2, 000,000) or above.

How many times a year can you harvest rice?

Nigeria has rainy season as the most favorable season for planting. If a rice farmer in Nigeria is dependent on rainy season, then such may harvest rice once in a year.

But a rice farmer in Nigeria that does not depend on seasons for planting, will be able to plant and harvest rice 3 to 4 times a year if only he or she plants a specie of rice that could be planted and harvested within 4 months.

How To Start a Rice Farm Business In Nigeria?

Now that you have known the cost of starting a rice farm in Nigeria in 2021, let’s check out the actual process involved in starting a rice farm in Nigeria as at 2021.

Rice planting process start from the preparation of the farmland. The preparation includes: Clearing, leveling, flooding (if it’s not swampy already).

After the land preparation, the farmer can go ahead to airdropping/planting of the seed (some may use Nursery), fertilizing and managing weeds.

In some locations, rice farmers start their process with keeping nursery which will then be transplanted to the main farmland after preparing the land.

Tips for a Better Outcome:

For a better outcome in rice farming, the farmer must be very careful from the onset of the farm till then harvest. As such, the following must be strictly considered:

  • Choose a good specie of rice.
  • Use a fertile and swampy land.
  • Make sure to eliminate weeds that could compete with the rice.
  • Protect the rice from pest, birds and other animals that may attack your rice.
  • Add manure to your rice for a better yield.
  • Study the progress and outcome of your harvest on yearly basis.

How long Does it take for Rice to be harvested?

Most common species of rice planted in Nigeria can be harvested within 3 to 6 months. Generally, common species of rice in Nigeria can be planted and harvested 3 to 4 times a year.

If you are interested in rice farming business, then I am sure you have known the cost of starting a rice farm in Nigeria now.

Instead of waiting for white collar jobs or waiting for someone to employ you, it is better to start a self-employed rice farming business today and start making your own cool cash.


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