Cost of Setting Up/Starting Pure Water Factory in Nigeria|Equipment Prices

What is the cost of setting up a pure water factory and how much is needed to start a pure water factory in Nigeria in 2021? Let’s find out the cost of starting a pure water factory business in Nigeria below.

If you wish to start a pure water factory in Nigeria, then you have made a good business choice because Pure water business is very recommendable and profitable.

Leaving the profit aside for now, let’s check out how much is needed to set up a pure water factory from the scratch to the finishing.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Pure Water Factory?

You have made up your mind to start a pure water factory, right? You will also want to know the amount you will need to set up your factory, right?

cost of setting up a pure water factory

Okay, here is it!!! Pure water factory business is very profitable and starting it will require good amount of money.

So how much do you need to set up a pure water factory in Nigeria? Summarily, it will cost between N800,000 to Two Million Naira (N2,000,000) to setup a pure water factory in Nigeria.

Note: pure water factories are of different levels and classes. The standard of the pure water factory that you want to set up also determines the start up amount you will need.

The major expenses in setting up a pure water factory in Nigeria are the cost of buying equipment, registration fee with CAC, NAFDAC registration/approval, and supply cost.

Sachet Water Equipment Prices in Nigeria 2021

Here we go. Below are the equipment for setting up and operating a pure water factory and their prices in Nigeria.

  • Treatment Plant
  • Packaging Machine
  • Air UV bulb and fittings
  • Water UV Sterilizer
  • Shrink wrapping machine
  • 3 Stainless Pumps
  • Treatment Media
  • Ozone generator
  • Industrial Micro Filters
  • Reverse osmosis system

Table/Bottle Water Equipment and their prices in Nigeria

  • Pet bottle blowing machine
  • Treatment Plant
  • Bottling machine/machine parts
  • Industrial Micro Filters
  • Water UV Sterilizer
  • Nylon extruding machines

Selected Prices of pure/table Water Production Machines for sales on Jiji.

Machine Descriptions Prices in Nigerian Naira
Industrial Pure Water Machine ₦900,000
Sachet Pure Water Machine ₦650,000
Pure Water Packaging Machine ₦500,000
Automatic Pure Water Production Machine N900,800
A New Pure Water Machine ₦950,000
Pure Water Machine and Strings Wrapper ₦600,000
Fairly Used Dingli Pure Water Machine ₦430,000
Pure Water Treatment Cylinder Tanks ₦80,000
Gear Box for Pure Water Machine ₦40,000
Dingli AS1000 Pure Water Production Machine ₦1,150,000
Bottle Water Machines Full Set ₦16,590,000
Dingli Pure Water Machine ₦490,000

Water Treatment Equipment and Prices in Nigeria

  • Active carbon filter
  • Sodium icon-exchanging
  • UV sterilizer
  • Micro filter
  • Hollow fiber filter
  • RO
  • Sand filter
  • Treatment Plant
  • Stainless pumps

NAFDAC Requirements for pure water production Approval

Like I said initially, all pure water factory in Nigeria must be checked and approved by the National Agency for Food and Drugs Admission and Control (NAFDAC) with a NAFDAC Number certification.

The following are the NAFDAC requirements for pure water production approval and certification in Nigeria:

  • Application and payment for factory Inspection. Each payment will attract a 5% VAT charge.

Before applying for inspection, make the following are set up properly.

  • Well constructed factory building
  • Organized Production Room
  • A good source of water
  • Well designed Tanks and Reservoir
  • Water Treatment plant
  • Pipes and Taps
  • A clean and sanitized environment

Standard operating procedure for production of sachet water

After getting certified with a NAFDAC Registration number and setting up the factory with the equipment listed earlier, you will need to follow these operating procedure for the production of consumable sachet or table water:

Set Up the Water Factory: this is the starting point. Make sure you construct and standard water factory.

Note: a pure water factory must not be setup in any of the following locations; Close to,

  • Abattoir
  • Oil depot
  • Quarry
  • Sawmill
  • Cemetery
  • Sewage treatment plant.

Buy the Needed Equipment: Buy the necessary machines and water treatment equipment and set them up accordingly.

Get NAFDAC inspection, approval and Reg. No: In Nigeria, all productions that has to do with consumable products must be duly inspected and certified by NAFDAC before it can be on sales.

Employ Workers/Operators: at a start, you will need two to 5 workers/operators including drivers for supply, depending on the size of your factory.

Buy Vehicles for Supplies: This does not necessarily require brand new vehicles. Old buses can be purchased and used for the supply.

I am sure you have seen the estimated cost of setting up or starting a pure water factory in Nigeria 2021 and the Pure water equipment Prices in Nigeria.

If you are satisfied with the above cost analysis, then go ahead and set up your table water production factory.

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