Cost of Starting a Pig Farm in Nigeria (Money Needed To Start & Profit)


This evaluated cost of starting a Pig farm in Nigeria in 2021 will be a very helpful content all interested persons that wish to start pig farming in Nigeria.

In some of our contents on this site, we have written on the cost of feeding pigs and the cost of pork meat in Nigeria in the year 2021.

The combination of these contents and analysis will also be a helpful guide to knowing the cost of starting and running a successful pig farm and the outcome profit you will make.

How Much will it Cost to Start Pig Farm in Nigeria.

The cost of starting pig farm is a bit high because of the cost of land. Mostly, you will need a stand alone farm to situate your pig farm because of its waste.


To establish a good and profitable pig farm in Nigeria, you will need money to get a better land and lay out a good pig house for your pigs.

Apart from the cost of getting a land and the housing or building of the pig house, there is no much more expenses in pig farming.

How Much Money is needed to start a pig farm in Nigeria?

Let’s check out the cost analysis of starting a profitable pig farm in Nigeria below;

Pig farm with pigs in it

If you are new into pig farming in Nigeria, then it will cost you about Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) to start a good capacity of pig farm.

This solely depends on your laid down plans. If you have a land for the farm already, then you can start a pig farm in Nigeria with just One Hundred and Eighty Thousand Naira (N180,000)

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The major expenses after getting a land and setting up your pig pen will be the cost of buying the piglets, medication and cost of feeding them.

Cost Analysis for Starting Pig Farming

To start a profitable pig farm in Nigeria, start by following the sequence listed below to calculate your estimated cost analysis;

  • Get a good land for your Pig Pen:

A good land in rural area will cost between Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N250,000) to Four Hundred Thousand Naira (N400,000).

If you do not have money to buy the land, then you can hire it and use for the farm. Hiring will cost up to a Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) depending on the time range.

  • Layout your Pig Pen Structure:

Start by setting up a building plan for the structure of the pig pen. The major consideration here should be the size of the farm you wish to have and the number of Piglets you wish to raise.

  • Buy your piglets:

At this point, you may have to with a veterinary doctor to help you select good breeds of the piglets.

Meanwhile, let your focus also be on getting healthy piglets and a very good breeds to avoid unforeseen complications

  • Plan on Feeding:

After getting the piglets, the next plan is on how to feed them. In this case, you have to start with a feeding plan.

One good thing about pig farming is the fact that, you can produce your own healthy pig feed with available home materials. Meet other pig farm experts to learn more.

  • Vaccination:

When it comes to vaccinating your pigs or piglets, we totally encourage new pig farmers to also consult a veterinary doctor before administering any kind of medication on their pigs.

As such, it is advisable to start by studying and understanding the basic pig diseases, symptoms and their pig vaccines

The best way to cut down the cost of medication is to make sure that you keep your pig pen clean and out of the reach of diseases and infections.

  • Security:

At the end of every other plans, you also have to consider the security of your farm. As such, the need for security may arise.

There are several ways to putting your farm security in place. This can be easily achieved by using human security or other methods like using a dog or building tall fence around the farm.

How profitable is pig farming in Nigeria?

Pig farming in Nigeria is very profitable. A pig farmer in Nigeria can make as much as Forty Thousand Naira (N40,000) per sales of one pig.

Generally, the amount of money a farmer can make in pig farming depends on the quantity of the pigs in his or her farm, the weights of the pigs and their sizes.

A pig farmer in Nigeria can make between Two Million Naira (N2,000,000) to Ten Million Naira (N10,000,000) profit in a year from pig farming.

I am sure you have known the This evaluated cost of starting a Pig farm in Nigeria in 2021 and the amount of money needed to start pig farming in Nigeria.

Drop a comment below and share this with others. You can also drop any questions in the comment section for a quick answer.


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