Cost of Starting a Car Wash Business in Nigeria


The good news is that the cost of starting a car wash business in Nigeria is affordable. Setting up a Car wash business in Nigeria does not cost much.

Meanwhile, you will need to buy some of the most important equipment for your cash wash.

Luckily, you don’t need to crack your brain of what equipment to buy because the necessary equipment to start your cash wash with have been listed on this page

We have evaluated the estimated cost of starting a car wash business in Nigeria in 2021 and we have arrived at the estimated amount that you will need to set up a car wash in Nigeria.


Is owning a car wash profitable?

Yes… Car wash is one of the most profitable that can fetch you so much money within a short period of the establishment.

One of the most common advantages of owning a car wash is the amount of profit one can make from it.

What is the profit margin of a car wash?

The most important part of every business is usually the profit. The profit you can make from the car wash business varies depending on the size of your business and the number of patronizers your business has.

A small-scale car wash business can generate an average of N50,000 to N100,000 monthly if located in a good area where there are good customers.

A large-scale car wash business in Nigeria can generate an average of N100,000 to N250,000 monthly if your cash was is located in a good area where there are many customers.


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Requirements/Equipment for a Car wash Shop

Knowing the necessary equipment needed to start up your car wash will help us to evaluate the cost of starting launching it.

A new car washing shop in Nigeria will need the following equipment for set up and for starting off the business;

  1. A Location: A piece of land that is well cemented, constructed, and design is okay to start with.

You can also hire a space in any filling station, church premises, supermarket, or any other open space that you like.

  1. Water Source: Water is one of the most important requirements for a car wash. So while considering your location, you must also consider where you will get water from.

Meanwhile, it is advisable to locate your car wash close to a water source like a borehole.

  1. Car Detailing Kit: a car detailing kit may contain the following;
  • Ultimate liquid wax
  • Ultimate compound
  • Ultimate polish
  • Ultimate wash and wax
  • Ultimate protectant
  • Ultimate black
  • Ultimate Quick detailer
  • Clarity glass cleaner
  • Microfiber wash mitt
  • Microfiber towels
  • Yellow foam applicator pads,
  • Water magnet.

Other Important equipment that you will need for a start include;

  1. Car Wash Bucket Kit
  2. Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Steam Cleaner
  4. Steam Cleaner
  5. Buffer and Buffer Heads
  6. Carpet Extractor
  7. A Set of Microfiber Cloths

How Much Will it Cost to Start a Car wash Shop in Nigeria?

The estimated amount of setting up or starting a car wash business in Nigeria ranges from Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) to Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000) for a small-scale car wash business.

Setting up a mega and large-scale car wash business will cost between Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300,000) to One Million Naira (N1,000,000) for a startup.

Generally, the differences in the start-up cost depend on the type of shop, the type of machines and equipment, the location of the business (the cost of renting a shop), and the number of employed tailors.

Car wash Equipment Prices in Nigeria 2021

We will love to keep you updated with the prices of all the car wash equipment sold in Nigeria.

Interestingly, that will help you to make a good budget on how to start up your own car wash business.

Meanwhile, we do not have a comprehensive list of the cost of each of the car wash equipment. But we promise to update this page and include all of them as we continue to gather more useful information on that.

Car wash Business Plan in Nigeria

  1. Choose a Good Location: A location that is easily accessible will attract more customers to patronize your business.

Best locations for car wash include marketplaces, filling stations, Higher institutions, super markets, church residents, lounge, and any other busy locations.

  1. Hire workers with good skills: make sure you hire/employ professional car washers that can deliver professional work to your customers.
  2. Maintain Good Customer Service: make sure you have and maintain good customer service.

Keep your customers up to date and make sure to keep to every promise and deliver their work as agreed.

Never fail your customers unnecessarily if you want them to trust and always come back to patronize your business.

If you want to succeed in any business, then your customer service should be your ultimate priority.

At this juncture, we believe you have known the evaluated cost of starting a car wash business in Nigeria in 2021 and we believe this was helpful to you.

Please feel free to share and also drop your comment or recommendations in the comment section below.


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