Cost of Registering a Business Name in Nigeria |Business Registration Fee 2021


Do you wish to know the cost of registering a business name in Nigeria? Will you also love to know how much it cost to register a business name in Nigeria?

If your answers to the above questions is YES, then this article will be helpful to you. Check complete information below.

The content of this page is aim at stating and explaining the business name registration fee in Nigeria and how to register your business.

How much Does it Cost to Register a Business Name in Nigeria?

Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the only authorized Agency in Nigeria for the registration of Companies and Business operated within the country.


The approved amount for the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) business name registration fee is Ten Thousand Naira (₦10,000) only.

Business List:

Note: there are other charges attached to the Ten Thousand Naira, ₦10,000 registration fee. Below is the complete breakdown:

Business Name Registration Fee 2021 Breakdown

CAC business name registration

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Service Fees Chargeable (₦) Amount in words
Reservation of Business Name ₦500 Five Hundred Naira
Search on business name file ₦1,000 each One Thousand Naira
Registration of business name ₦10,000 Ten Thousand Naira
Business name certificate of registration ₦5,000 Five Thousand Naira
Change of business name ₦5,000 Five Thousand Naira
Change of business address ₦1,000 One Thousand Naira
Change of proprietorship ₦1,000 One Thousand Naira
True copies of other documents ₦2,000 each Two Thousand Naira each.
Cessation of business ₦1,000 One Thousand Naira
Filing of any other document ₦1,000 One Thousand Naira
Annual return ₦1,000 One Thousand Naira

Reference: The Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC):

CAC Company Registration form fee 2021

CAC Company Name registration

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Purpose Fees Chargeable (₦) Amount in words
Set of incorporation forms ₦500 Five Hundred Naira
Company’s Name Registration form ₦250 Two Hundred and Fifty Naira
Incorporated Trustees incorporation forms ₦1,000 One Thousand Naira
Company Accreditation ₦5,000 Five Thousand Naira
Others charges ₦100 per form One Hundred Naira each

How to Register a Business Name in Nigeria.

  • Visit the CAC Portal Please @
  • Check for the availability of the business name you wish to register
  • Fill the pre-registration form – CAC-BNo1
  • Upload all recommended and relevant documents
  • Finally, pay a filing fee and wait for your business to be verified and registered.

Can I register my business name online in Nigeria?

Yes!!! CAC has made it easier for businesses to be registered online following the laid down procedures.


To start or to register your business online, you will also need to follow the same procedures outlined above.

How long does it take to Register a Business name in Nigeria?

The final registration of the business name will take about one week. CAC will use this time interval to verify the uploaded documents.

Is CAC Registration free?

No!!! The CAC registration is not free. Meanwhile, in 2021 the Federal Government of Nigeria gave an order for only 100,000 business names to be registered for free as a concern of partnership of the CAC scheme with the Survival fund.

Apart from the above condition which may not be valid till date, each business name registration with the CAC attracts a registration fee of Ten Thousand Naira N10,000).

That is the current cost of registering a business name in Nigeria and the business registration fee 2021 for registering new business names.

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