Cost of Raising Layers in Nigeria 2021 -100 to 1000 Layers


Are you interested in knowing the cost of raising layers in Nigeria 2021? Do you wish to know what it will cost you to read layers in Nigeria?

If yes, then this article will give you the summary of the cost of raising 50 layers, 100 layers, 150 layers, 200 layers, 300 layers, 400 layers, 500 layers and even upto 1000 layers.

Generally, the cost of reading layers in Nigeria depends on the cost of poultry feed, drugs/medicines and cost of maintenance.

How Much Does it Cost to Raise 500 layers in Nigeria?

Layer chicken price

The cost of reading 500 layers in Nigeria in 2021 is between three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300,000) to Nine Hundred Thousand Naira (N900,000).


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Most of this cash will go for the purchase of feeds, drugs, medicines and for the maintenance of your farm to standard.

Also, you must also find out how many bags of feed you will need for rearing the number of layers that you wish to start with.

Below is the estimated breakdown of the cost for rearing about 500 layers fowls in poultry farming within Nigeria in 2021.

If you have gotten a land already and maybe, the poultry building set, then your only costs here will be the buying of the chicks, buying medications, and feed.

Cost of Raising 50, 100, 200, 300 and 400 Layers 2021

Now, if your plan is to rear lower than 500 layers, then your expenses and cost will be a bit cheaper and easy to run.

Currently, a day old layer chick will cost about 300 to 400 Naira while a carton of day old layers (which contains 51 chicks) cost about N16,000 to N17,000 Naira.

For example, the following are the estimated cost of rearing about 50 layers, 100 layers, 200 layers, 300 layers and 400 layers respectively in a tabular form;


Cost of Raising 50 layers in Nigeria, Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000)

  • Cost Raising 100 layers in Nigeria, Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (250,000)
  • Cost Raising 150 layers in Nigeria, N270,000
  • Cost Raising 200 layers in Nigeria, N300,000
  • Cost Raising 300 layers in Nigeria, N350,000
  • Cost Raising 400 layers in Nigeria, N400,000
  • Cost Raising 500 layers in Nigeria, N450,000
  • Cost Raising 600 layers in Nigeria, N500,000+
  • Cost Raising 700 layers in Nigeria will cost about, N600,000
  • Cost Raising 800 layers in Nigeria will cost about, N700,000
  • Cost Raising 900 layers in Nigeria will cost about, N800,000
  • Cost Raising 1000 layers in Nigeria will cost about, One Million Naira N(1000,000)
  • Cost Raising 1500 layers in Nigeria will cost about, N1.5 million Naira
  • Cost Raising 2000 layers in Nigeria will cost about, N1.7 million Naira
  • Cost Raising 2500 layers in Nigeria, N2.3 million Naira
  • Cost Raising 3000 layers in Nigeria, N3 Million Naira.
  • Cost Raising 4000 layers in Nigeria will cost about, N3.5 Million Naira
  • Cost Raising 5000 layers in Nigeria will cost about, N4 Million Naira.
  • Cost Raising 10000 layers in Nigeria will cost about, N7 million Naira.

How much does it cost to feed layer chickens?

Layers consume alot of feed especially when they start laying eggs. Approximately, your layers will consume about 3,000 pounds of feed.

The quantity of feed your layers will consume will depend on the number of Layers you are raising.

So the best calculation is to consider the number of layers you want to raise and the price of Layers feed here and then take note of what quantity of feed your layers consume daily.

After that, you can calculate and multiply everything to get the cost of feed you will spend on your layers.

Monthly Cost of Raising Layers

If you are to start poultry farming in Nigeria, then the average monthly cost will fall between Fifty Thousand Naira to two Hundred Thousand Naira.

This monthly cost totally depends on how many layers your are raising and the current prices of poultry equipment, feeds and so on.

Conclusively, the monthly cost of raising layers in Nigeria can not be the same for every farmer due to so many factors involved.

So the best cost estimate for your layers should be base on your analysis over time and on the quantity of layers you are rearing.

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