Cost of Poultry Cages in Nigeria 2022


Cost of Poultry Cages in Nigeria 2022

Many farmers conduct investigations about how to get poultry cages for their Chickens, birds etc. Do you know the reason? The battery cage system has a number of advantages; Therefore this farmer has seen the advantage of investing and guarding chickens in the cage.

poultry cage allows higher stocking densities even where there is low floor space. You could double or triple your capacity of your Livestock’s with the help of cages.

Together, we will take a brief picture of the price of the cage for the layers in Nigeria this year, 2022.


Cost Of Poultry Cages In Nigeria

But before you consider buying a cage, you should consider several factors. These factors are:

  1. Your farm size
  2. Number of birds
  3. Available facilities
  4. Cage price

Prices of a poultry cage in Nigeria range from N75,000 to 250,000 (usually for a small number of birds) depending on the number of birds under the broad production system.

For this intensive production system, you may cost, you need more construction engineers and will cost up to N2,000,000 to N10,000,000 (only for a large number of birds) depending on the number of birds.

See Also:

  • Brooding cage

brooding refers to care given to chicks as well as providing them with tender loving care (TLC). Brooding cages are used only to raise young chicks. For the chick’s tender care, the cage is created to meet the r requirement needed for brooding.

  • Grower cage

These cages are used to raise chicken that is grown but has not started laying. They are called “pullets”.the cages are provided with feed and water with proper ventilation which is very essential to their hygiene.

  • Layers cage

In addition, layers are producers of eggs we consume on daily basis mostly in some parts of Africa. their cages are more expensive than other poultry birds. they are provided with feed, water, egg nest, also proper ventilation. Constructing layers cage requires more expertise during creation.

Wooden Chicken Cage in Nigeria 

This cages are constructed using wood, wire net and zinc and polished which gives it a good look.this cages are used as multi-functional especially in the rural and semi urban areas of some African countries. Chickens and other birds can be housed in the wooden mostly known and has been in existence compare to the battery cage.


Most houses in Nigeria has wooden cage which they use and are doing well. They are provided with feed, water and are vaccinated against disease when the need arises. Proper ventilation is present but disease can spread from one bird to another because they feed and drink from the same feeder.

Advantages of Using Poultry Cages

1. Save Space

Farmers who have inadequate space challenges must consider using poultry cages. Poultry cages allow higher stocking density even where there is a low floor space. You can double or double your pen capacity with the help of a cage. In addition, if you are interested in increasing or expanding your flock size without building a new pen house, then getting a cage is the best solution.


2. High-Quality Poultry Products

Maintenance conditions always have an effect on chicken and the quality of their final products. This condition includes air flow, sunlight and temperature. With a cage, this condition can be conditioned appropriately to facilitate the rapid growth of your birds and less exposure to the pathogen of disease. The battery cage allows the dining and drinking system automatically. Birds can be equipped with clean fresh water through nipple drinkers, thus preventing water contamination and waste. Clean the eggs can be collected at any time with fewer egg cracks or eating eggs. A farmer who puts a poultry cage into his agriculture under the right management must get more profit.

3. Fewer Incidences of Diseases or Infections

It is impossible for chickens to move when stored in a cage and this reduces the possibility of being infected with disease due to interaction with sick birds. In addition, the level of transmission of the disease is reduced, giving farmers enough time to deal with any outbreak. In addition, birds do not have access to their dirt, thereby reducing contamination and transmission of diseases in flocks and poultry homes.

4. Low Cost of Labour

There is usually a lower need for labour when a battery-cage system is adopted because some of the management practices such as the provision of water, vaccination and medication, etc. If a poultry farm is large and it makes use of battery cages, such farm will be able to save more money on labour, hence increasing its profits.

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