Cost of Mikano generator set in Nigeria


Cost of Mikano generator set in Nigeria

When the demand for electricity in a country like Nigeria exceeds the supply, having an alternate source of power generation has become a requirement. Because of its basic but technological ability to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy for a long period, generators have made personal power generation a reality for many. Mikano is a leading provider of generators for industrial purposes, and should be considered.

Mikano Generator Prices In Nigeria

A strength in power generation is what Mikano Nigeria brought to the market. Diesel, gas, and rental generators make up the three primary portions of the site..

Perkins UK and Stamford/Meccalte alternator UK are two of the world’s leading generator manufacturers, while Mikano Generators is the world’s largest generator assembler.

Mikano offers a variety of operational solutions, including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Generator Sets, which can save up to 50% on operating costs, Bi-Fuel Generator Sets, which run on 70% gas and 30% diesel, and Gas/Diesel IPP Power Plant Solutions.


Prices of Mikano Generators Nigeria

  • 9KVA Mikano ₦3.5m – ₦3.8m
  • 13KVA Mikano ₦3.6m – ₦3.9m
  • 15KVA Mikano   ₦3.7m – ₦4m
  • 15KVA Mikano ₦3.2m – ₦3.5m
  • 20KVA Mikano ₦4.1m – ₦4.4m
  • 20KVA Mikano   ₦3.5m – ₦3.8m
  • 30KVA Mikano ₦4.5m – ₦4.8m
  • 30KVA Mikano ₦3.8m – ₦4.1m
  • 40KVA Mikano ₦5.2m – ₦5.5m
  • 40KVA Mikano   ₦4.4m – ₦4.7m
  • 50KVA Mikano ₦5.5m – ₦5.8m
  • 50KVA Mikano ₦4.5m – ₦4.8m
  • 60KVA Mikano ₦5.8m – ₦6.1m
  • 60KVA Mikano ₦4.9m – ₦5.2m
  • 65KVA Mikano ₦6.7m – ₦7m
  • 80KVA Mikano ₦6.9m – ₦7.2m
  • 80KVA Mikano   ₦5.6m – ₦5.8m
  • 100KVA Mikano   ₦7.9m – ₦8.2m
  • 100KVA Mikano ₦6.5m – ₦6.8m
  • 120KVA Mikano   ₦7.8m – ₦8.1m
  • 135KVA Mikano       ₦10.4m – ₦10.7m
  • 150KVA Mikano ₦11.4m – ₦11.7m
  • 150KVA Mikano ₦9m – ₦9.3m
  • 180KVA Mikano ₦12.9m – ₦13.3m
  • 200KVA Mikano ₦13.6m – ₦14m
  • 200KVA Mikano ₦11.5m – ₦11.9m
  • 250KVA Mikano ₦18.3m – ₦18.7m
  • 250KVA Mikano ₦14.2m – ₦14.6m
  • 300KVA Mikano ₦23.1m – ₦23.5m
  • 350KVA Mikano ₦19.4m – ₦25.5m
  • 400KVA Mikano ₦27.5m – ₦28m
  • 500KVA Mikano ₦30.7m – ₦31.2m
  • 500KVA Mikano ₦24.3m – ₦24.7m
  • 650KVA Mikano ₦41.9m – ₦42.4m
  • 650KVA Mikano ₦33m – ₦33.5m
  • 800KVA Mikano ₦61.5m – ₦62m
  • 800KVA Mikano ₦49.9m – ₦50.4m
  • 1000KVA Mikano ₦85.5m – ₦86.4m
  • 1000KVA Mikano ₦68.7m – ₦69.7m

Mikano generators can be purchased both in-store and on the Internet. You can own a Mikano Generator in one of two ways. It can be purchased outright. Renting it is another option. Tentatively available for rent are diesel and gas generators with capacities ranging from 20KVA to 2000KVA.

Only clients who need a power generator for a short period of time can rent one, and this is subject to capacity availability. Mikano’s rental department has around 120 generators available for consumers to rent.

Enjoy the following perks when ordering straight from Mikano:

  • Anywhere in Nigeria can be delivered
  • All new generators come with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Customer service (maintenance and servicing)

Prices are affected by a variety of factors.

It is common for the price of generators in Nigeria to fluctuate in accordance with how much electricity they can produce. Some generators cost as little as N15,000, while others might cost up to N6.5 million. As a result of factors such as currency exchange rates, market demand, how much power they can supply (KVA), as well as the location of purchase and functioning of the electric generator set, generator prices are neither precise nor inflexible.

How much you customize a Mikano generator will determine its pricing. Costlier will be a generator that can’t be heard. In addition, automation adds to the price.

Using Mikano Generators has certain advantages

A wide range of Mikano generators are offered for both residential and industrial applications. Residential diesel generators have power capacities ranging from 9KVA to 150KVA, whereas industrial diesel generators have power capacities ranging from 150KVA to 2000KVA. Gas-powered Mikano Generators with capacities from 350KVA to 1250KVA are also available.

To adapt to tropical climates, Mikano engines are basically Perkins engines (made in the UK). Their water-cooled engines and tropical-region-specific radiators are available.


Generators can be customized by Mikano to match your specific needs. Mikano generators, for example, can be soundproofed. A start/stop feature, as well as a system switchover, can be added. Mikano can also assist you with synchronized systems.

The Mikano Generator’s operators can be trained as well, if desired. They are readily available.

What you should know before buying a Mikano Generator

A generator’s kind is the most significant consideration when purchasing one. But there are additional things to keep an eye out for that can help you make a more informed buying decision.

It is important to take into account where the generator will be put in order to determine the type of generator to purchase. Inquire about where the generator will be installed, for example. Is it for usage at home, church, hotel, business, or retail establishments if so?

Size: The size of the generator will depend on the location of the installation. To what extent would a KVA of power suffice for installation? For example, a hotel or office may demand a different KVA than a private residence. Mikano generators are available in a variety of sizes to meet all power requirements, whether they are small, medium, or big.

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