Cost Of Getting a UK Student Visa In Nigeria


Cost Of Getting a UK Student Visa In Nigeria

The United Kingdom has a long tradition of top universities, with about a quarter of MAs ranking among the most prestigious and highest-ranking in the world. The U.K. attracts nearly 500,000 international students per year. UK Student Visa In Nigeria

Studies abroad in the UK are only available to Nigerian students with a student visa from their university. The process for getting this visa is difficult and requires documentation, but it opens up many opportunities for international education.

By enrolling in any university in the U.K., you’ll gain knowledge of their culture and perfect your English, while meeting lots of people from different places. You can study any course you want and the curriculum is designed for you.


What You Need To Know About The British Student Visa

Spare extra time to apply for your visa. If you’ve already been accepted into school, you can start the process 3 months before your program starts. When you apply, you have to wait roughly 2 to 90 days for the decision.

The steps students need to do to get a visa that allows them to study in the United Kingdom are very specific, as it is described below.

  • You can complete the visa application through the UK Visa website. Use the code that you receive to register on the visa application website in Nigeria.
  • You may have to get biometrics during your visa application process. Biometrics includes extra identification that countries use for security purposes.

Learn what to expect when you apply for a UK Student Visa In Nigeria

  • To apply for the UK student visa, British authorities require you to pay 348 Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP) as well. Depending on your situation, you can pay the fee online, at a local Nigerian embassy or through a bank transfer.
  • When you apply for your visa, you need to provide proof that you have enough money to support yourself during the course. For students wanting to study in London, that means at least 1265 GBP/month or 1015 GBP/month if studying outside of London.
  • Nigerian students will have to prove they have good English skills by speaking well during interviews. Having English skills is important because you will be expected to succeed in your classes and manage your way around the country.
  • To stay in the United Kingdom after graduation, you cannot just renew your Visa every year – you will have to apply for a new visa.

Furthermore, Nigerian students can now get away without having to pay for British healthcare when applying for their UK student visa. Please visit the United Kingdom immigration website for more information.

Other Requirements For A UK Student Visa

Reports show that the number of Nigerian people who want to be a student in the UK has increased year on year by 47% and 68.9% this year. The United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI) temporarily suspended its application and walk-in services for Nigerian students, which caused delays to those applications. Not until Jan. 24, 2022, due to the COVID-19 event, however, they resumed. Despite the length, there are ways to speed up the process. With good planning and timeliness, your application may not take as long as you think.

Before applying to your dream university programme, simply make sure that the requirements meet what you need. Once you have a conditional offer, provide supporting documents such as:

  • A transcript of your academic qualifications
  • CV/resume (postgraduate study)
  • Examples of letters of recommendation or character reference

You will receive an unconditional offer when the application process has been completed. A deposit is then required that varies based on your program and university. For instance;

At the University of Sussex, self-funded international students with masters may be required to pay 2,000 pounds as a tuition fee deposit. The University of Westminster notes that all overseas applicants must pay a minimum deposit of £4000 before the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) can be issued.

To submit your student visa, you need a CAS number. This unique number is given after you receive an unconditional offer for your university and includes the university’s name on the receipt. In cases when a university doesn’t provide your CAS number, reach out to them.


In addition, find out what a bank statement is supposed to include and what mistakes can cause you to be denied. The documents a student needs to apply for a UK student visa are as follows;

  • Submit a copy of your passport, transcripts, etc.
  • Sponsor letter requirements for UK visitor visas.
  • Letter of acceptance from your university.
  • Tuberculosis test result.

Cost of Tuberculosis test for a UK Student Visa

Any student going to the UK for more than six months must get a Tuberculosis test before travelling and submit the results when they are in the process of applying for a visa. The UK Visa and Immigration doesn’t recognise any other screening centres for TB so you have to visit the Centre for Migration Health Assessment at International Organization for Migration (IOM). It costs about #57,800 and you will receive your test results on the same day. There are two centres in Nigeria, one located in Abuja and the second in Lagos.

Online Application for UK visa

The website allows you to save your application and finish it later. This prevents frustration when you need to stop halfway through completing the form because you are tired or believe you have done all the required information, only to realise that some of the details were missing.

You need to pay the health surcharge and visa application fee to apply for the visa. You will also need to download the UKVI form and once you’ve submitted your payment, you should schedule an appointment to have your biometric information by visiting a UK Visa Application Centre.

It can be challenging to apply for a visa. If you cannot make an appointment, it will cost an extra #42,000 and you may need to wait weeks before you can get an appointment.

There are three Visa Application Centres in the UK: Abuja, Lagos Ikeja and Lagos Victoria Island (an additional fee applies at this location). With this service, it takes 15 working days to process a standard student visa and 5 days to process a PV student visa.

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