The emergence of smartphones is an eye-opening event that has led to the development of many apps today. Applications give their users the privilege to explore more in their comfort. Some users use them for pleasure, while others install them for social interaction or promotions.


Roughly 70% of the world’s population are unique mobile phone users, amidst these set are Nigerians taking over 40 million. How would you feel if you were to serve these folks on your app? This post is seasoned to give you an insight into everything it takes to build an app in Nigeria.


How much does it cost to develop an application in Nigeria? (COST OF BUILDING AN APP)

It is not easy to give a specific amount for building an app due to some conditions attached to it. However, the reality remains that building an application costs from #40,000 to as high as multi-millions.  Note, the price mentioned above is generic to give you an idea of what your budget should be. The following conditions might influence the cost of building an app.


Operating System

First and foremost, you need to set a target, and objectives, understand how to develop an app, and choose a platform (Android or iOS). Do you want to target Android users, iOS or even both? The requirements for each platform are different. In some situations, developers lament the high cost of running apps for iOS. Thus, Android OS is kind of economical if your budget is not high enough. Interestingly, there are more android users than iOS users.


Type of application (COST OF BUILDING AN APP)

Every smart developer sets a target for the kind of users they want. Have you found a niche yet? It is the most important issue to take care of. The niche tells what kind of service the app is ready to offer its users and therefore points directly to them. You can dive into Gaming, Business, lifestyle, e-commerce, entertainment, tools, education and many more. These niches further dictate the kind of app you should build. This could be a native app, database-driven app, hybrid app, and more.


Before creating the mobile application, you need to analyze the target audience and recognize what group you will be building it for (teenagers, the old, or children).



You might need to spend more if you want to integrate with third-party applications and login mode. Depending on the sophistication, you might also need to set up two-factor authentication and other firewall systems.


Labour force

Are you a developer yourself? Or you want to hire a programmer to do the job for you. The former will cost lesser than the latter. It is also important to note that the sophistication of the app determines.



The cost of app development might increase in places where programmers are in high demand. Similarly, programmers in big cities are most likely to charge extremely high for their service. It is best to make enough enquire in your location and others. Then you can compare the rates in different areas.


The complexity of the app

Simple apps take less time to build. Professionals can develop an image viewing app in a couple of minutes but that can’t happen when building something more advance. You need to decide on the scale of the app you want to build. A very complex app needs enough time and patience for a better user experience. Got it?


The development of some apps is demanding and very tasking. Other things to consider are;

  • The nature of the UI design.
  • The number of functions and features.
  • The complexity of features.
  • A workforce of the development team.


Advantages of building an app

App development is an investment that doesn’t seem to fail anytime soon. In 2020, the App industry revenue reached a value of $581.9 billion. It could reach $1 trillion by 2023, according to predictions. It is to inform you that the app market is rapidly growing. In essence, there are chances of having more than triple the returns of the money invested in building it.


A few popular apps and how much they cost.

Below are examples of popular apps and their estimated cost spent. Note: this might not be the actual cost. But, it revolves around our estimated value.



TikTok is a social media app that allows users to interact and share photos and video clips. It costs roughly #35 million and can take more than 70 days to complete.



Uber works on three systems; a mobile app for passengers and drivers, and a web-based application which serves as the admin panel. It costs more than #25 million to build.



Tinder came into the limelight in 2012 as a dating app. It holds a strong position in that niche and the cost to build is above #40 million.


Fixed or Hourly rate?

You might want to hire freelancers to help you do the job. So which should you consider, fixed or Hourly rate? Not much difference. You’ll pay your freelancer one single fee for the entire project while the Hourly rate is an amount you pay for each hour of work.


Nonetheless, the fear of intellectual theft might get you worried. You must ensure that the employee is trusted and only delivered unique jobs. A lack of understanding between you and your programmer might also cause issues. It is advisable to introduce legal documents based on your agreement.


Now you understand the price is substantial. With this, you cannot be misled. So it is high time you took the bold step to affect your plans. One of the best decisions to make when building an app is to consider low cost but high quality.


The situation of the world’s economy makes it understandable why your budget might be less. Yet, you desire to get an outstanding product. Besides our estimation, you can inquire from your developer or use an app cost calculator. We hope this article informs you of the conditions attached and what your budget should be. What do you think? We would like to hear from you. Simply use the comment box below and don’t forget to share.


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