6 Tips to Processing Food So That It’s Still Good For You


This article explores the better ways to process food so that you still get the most nutritional value, with good flavor without getting food-borne illnesses.

1. The best way to process your food is to cook it, broil it if you like, grill it if you don’t. If you like to eat fresh, local produce, buy it, cook it and eat it fresh, buy organic wherever you can.

2. You can find all sorts of recipes online that help with processing your own foods. Try a simple one like spaghetti squash, or maybe you can get your children to help. Kids can even make a simple almond cake without help, simply by sprinkling some of the nut flours on.

3. Rather than adding oil, try adding juice, use brown rice, or fresh fruit. This will help to reduce the amount of fat in the meal.


4. Before cooking your food, check to see that it is thoroughly rinsed off, drained of its excess water and is as dry as possible.

5. Before you add any liquid or contents to your frying pan or wok, pour a small amount of water into the pan/wok first. This will help prevent burning.

6. You should only add food during the last thirty minutes of cooking time.

7. You should not add a liquid or contents to your wok or deep fryer.

8. You must thoroughly wash your hands, tools, and surfaces before you start your cooking.

9. insofar as possible, fry food in small batches.

10. Wash your hands, tools, and surfaces, especially after you have used them.

11. Keep the lid on!


12. Use a clean, dry towel.

13. Make sure that your preparation is done before you start cooking, so that you know that everything is ready. Cut the meat into small pieces. You don’t want any poisonous substances to be glimpseed in your food.

14. Use as many knives as possible, especially for tougher cuts.

16. Choose a good recipe. Choose a meat dish that you are familiar with.

17. You can buy vegetarian food in convenience stores or in the supermarket. But you need to make sure that the preparation table for it is spotless.

18. You can stock up on frozen foods during the week so that you can eat healthy in the weekends.

19. Stick to the recipes that you have selected. Make sure that you never use ingredients that you have never cooked.

20. Be careful while adding seasoning to your meals. Add too much seasoning, and you are sure to over-season your meals. It is better to be safe than sorry.

21. Plan the rest of your meals as well as the nights out with the main dish, and try to have a few side dishes on hand as well. You don’t want to have to make more meaty meals than you can cook.

22. It is much better to make the sauces in advance and store them in the refrigerator. You can also make them ahead of time and store them in the freezer.

23. Plan the rest of your meals as well as the nights out with the main dish, and try to have a few side dishes on hand as well. You don’t want to have to make more meaty meals than you can cook.

24. Careful with what you store in your freezer. Make sure that you select perishable items, like vegetables and meats, carefully.

25. Make sure that your preparation table is spotlessly clean.

26. Wash all produce with cold water before cooking and eating.

27. Occasionally, prepare all food a day before bringing it to the barbecue. Also, you might want to marinate meats in advance.

28. Make sure that you marinate meats in advance.

29. Be cautious about the storage of condiments and salsa. Keep your barbecue pantry properly stocked.

30. It is better to get the ingredients you need separately from the barbecue tools you need.

31. In case you cannot find the barbecue tools you need, you can always make them by yourself, or buy very expensive ones. Or buy two sets.

32. Beware of diseases. Viruses and fungi can be very harmful to the human body. Make sure you get your body mass checked regularly.

33. Wash your hands before and after you handle any meat. Also, make sure that you get a shower and make sure that you dry your hands well.

34. Take a deep breath before Alrighting any food.

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