5 Foods That You Can Eat


When I go grocery shopping, I am always amazed at how many foods items are unchanged in their packaging. While I can’t imagine what it would be like to eat food unchanged, I can imagine what it would be like to eat food that has spoilage in it. Many of the foods that we think are okay to eat are loaded with preservatives or fillers that the manufacturers put in to keep the food fresh. We have all had foods that have gone bad due to improper packaging or improper preservation. Here are a few foods that I would recommend to someone who is on a tight budget.

1. Macaroni and Cheese

You will find this delicious dish at almost any restaurant that serves dinner. It costs very little and is a good source of protein. The problem with this food is that it is usually very high in fat and carbohydrates. Because of this, it is not recommended for people that are on a low carbohydrate diet. Many people, therefore, include it in their diet plan.

2. Frozen Chicken


This is a healthy choice that you can throw together with any other chicken recipes that you have in mind. The problem with chicken is mainly its calorie count. If you are on a diet plan, you will surely love this delicious meat; however, it is definitely not recommended for you if you are considered obese or if you are a heart patient.

3. Beef

This is one of the most common foods that we eat. It is also the cheapest among all types of food. You may buy it in beef form, but it is also great for sandwiches and even for elephant food. Beef consists mostly of protein, so it is a very healthy meat to have around.

4. Steak

Steak is the most popular of all types of meats. More or less, steak is prepared with beef, but it also has other meat parts such as ribs, rooster, chicken, and fish. Naturally, steak is also rich in calories. You may want to have a few steaks in your diet plan, but you will surely pay a lot if you include it in your regular diet plan.

5. Chicken

Among all the meats that are chicken, chicken is also one of the most popular. Like steak, chicken is also rich in protein and fat. Chicken is also healthy meat, but it is also the least among all meats because it is low in fat and protein. The chicken is also low in fat that can easily be taken in small pieces. For individuals who want to reduce their cholesterol levels, chicken is also a good choice to eat.

6. Fish and Chips


Fish and chips can be found in many countries and each one offers its own version of this delicious meal. The best place to have this tasty meal is in the UK. Enjoying this meal with friends and family is definitely one of the good parts of living in the country. In the UK, there are a lot of outdoor meals available that are available to eat. These meals are available in every corner and price range. You can eat outdoors or inside, depending on your comfort and personal liking.

The Internet can be the best source for information on the best outdoor meals in the UK. From British food online to American surf and turf recipes, you will not be disappointed in the diversity of the Internet’s dishes. Online food over here has really opened a door for those who enjoy eating outside. Now, it just takes a little bit of creativity and a little bit of time to see what you can find online. I am positive that we will see something new cropping up in the culinary world.

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